Delta Company

Delta Company Membership

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Delta Company

  1.  Alexander, Arthur D. Jr.  – Rach Kien – Tan An – 12/69 – 8/70
    113 Village Court
    Sewickley PA 15143
    [email protected] (email address may be incorrect)
    Platoon Sgt. 3rd.Platoon… nickname “Rock”.
  2. Anderson, Roger D. – First Sergeant – 07/69-06/70
    [email protected]
    First Sergeant, Delta Co 5th 60th, Was also in C Co 3rd 47th prior to assignment with the 60th. Delta Company Commanders were Casey and O’Neil.
  3. Bialobok, Edward J. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien, Binh Phuoc – 03/70 – 08/70
    Marshall K. Maddox
    2227 Lindale Ct
    North Huntington, PA 15642
    [email protected]
  4. Casey, Bobby E. – Rach Kien/Binh Phuoc – 06/69-06/70
    1358 Auburn Lakes Drive
    Rockledge, Florida 32955
    [email protected]
  5.  Chaney, Tommy  – Medic -12/68-02/69
    [email protected]
    Medic with D CO.
  6.  Cintron, Harry  – 1/69-6/69
  7.  Cluff, David  – Rach Kein – 3/69 to 8/69
    PO Box 307
    Safford, Arizona 85548
    [email protected] (email address may be incorrect)
    Welcome Home hope to locate more of our buddies.
  8. Crawford, Richard L. – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 7/69
    2411 Spring Meadows Drive
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    [email protected]
  9.  Crenshaw, Robert A.  – Rach Kien – 1/69-1/70
    10880 Hwy. 67 Sp. 87
    Lakeside, Ca. 92040
    [email protected]
    Machine gunner, RTO, Plt. demolitions Promoted to Sgt. sept. 69 assigned as battalion liaison to MACV unit at Rach Kien.
  10. Curtin, Bob – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kein – 01/69-01/70
    San Diego
    [email protected]
    Second Platoon
    It will be nice to see all of my buddies and I wish them the best.
  11. DeGelder, Terry “Airborne” – Lie Khe,  Rach Kien – 7/68-7/69
    [email protected]
    My nickname was Airborne. I was with the 1/16 at Lie Khe then with 5/60 at  Rach Kien.  I would love to hear from anyone I served with.
  12. Dodd, Dennis R. – Rach Kien – 6/69 – 12/69
    Frank Sibayan James Moore
    [email protected]
    I served as Delta Co 3rd Platoon leader from 6/69-12/69. Was then HHC LNO from 12/69 – 3/70. Finally Echo Company Commander (Captain) from 3/70 – 5/70.
  13.  Farah, Dennis G.  – Rach Kien – 5/69 – 4/70
    84 N Mable Street
    Mc Gregor, MN. 55760
    [email protected]
    Lt Novosad and fellas of 2nd Platoon of Delta Company, I would like to hear from you. Anyone know what helicopter units hauled us around during 69-70? Looking for Bill, a pilot whom I went to votec school with prior to Vietnam. He was from Alaska. His family had a saw mill or lumber dealership. Wanted to get out and do tours of Alaska via helicopter. Would like to get in touch. Last time we met was on a road outside of Rach Kien where we were holding up before take off. We lived in same place in Mpls,MN. Looks like it was another great reunion, I’ll have to get to one, maybe the next one Dennis Farah McGregor,MN
  14. Gilroy, Marty – Rac Kein – 1/69 – 7/69
    306 East Wing Way
    Boonsboro, MD 21713
    [email protected]
  15.  Gosse, Tom  – LT – 3rd Platoon – 68-69
    3rd Platoon – Ass’t S4
  16. Guevara, Richard R.  – Rach Kien – 12/68-12/69
    150 Manor Street
    Plainview, NY 11803
    [email protected]

  17. Harrigan, Hamlet.  – Rach Kien – 1968 – 1970
    6809 Monet Circle
    Tampa FL 33617
    [email protected]

  18. Harris, Gary O.  – Rach Kien – 10/68-8/69
    410 Pebblecreek
    Garland TX 75040
    [email protected] 
    I have kept in contact with Richard (Dick) Crawford.
  19. Hirai, Norm – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68-10/69
    [email protected]
  20. Hitchcock, Duane B. – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 06/69-1/70
    16319 S. Hwy 385
    Burlington, CO 80807
    [email protected]
  21. Hoehne Richard A. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 5/69
    26390 W. Ingleside Shore Road
    Ingleside, IL 60041
    [email protected]
    Nickname was Double H.
  22. Jackman, Gary W. – Mortar Platoon – Rach Kien – 06/69-12/69
    709 NE Edgewood
    Topeka, KS 66617
    [email protected]
     I was a Sgt in the mortars. I would like to hear from others in the Company.
  23. Johnson, Richard G. – 66-67
    Daughter, Jodie Johnson – [email protected]

  24. Kane, Richard T. – First Platoon – Rach Kien – 07/69-03/70
    2 Braddocks Mill Court
    Medford, NJ 08055
    [email protected]
     I arrived in RVN 4/69 and served on the Boats with B 4/47 until the 2nd Brigade left RVN, was then transferred to D 5/60, First Platoon. Went home 3/70.
  25. Keene, Howard M. – Rach Kein – 1/69-8/69
    PO Box 522
    Cosmopolis, Washington 98537
    Thank you for locating me, and I miss my buddies. Hope to see you soon.
  26. Kelley, Fred C.- Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc – 1/70 – 9/70
    3419 Duffy Hollow Road
    Wellsville, NY 14895
    [email protected]
    It’s been a long time! Welcome Home.

  27. Langley, Bob D. – 3rd Platoon – 12/68-12/69
    13601 S. 37th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85044
    [email protected]
    I served in Delta Company and would like to hear from anyone that served in our company. Welcome Home.
  28.  Layton, Laurence Gary  – Rach Kien – 7/69 – 5/70
    50 New Road
    Elverson, PA. 19520
    [email protected]
    I would like to talk to any of the guys that were there in D 5/60.
    If you want to talk, just give me a call.
  29. Lewis, Jerry A. – R.T.O. – Rach Kien – 2/69-8/69
    Florahome, FL. 32140
    [email protected]
    I was R.T.O. for the F.O.
  30. Leiker, Stephen, J. – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 6/69-2/70
    161 Shady Lane
    Monterey, CA 93940
    [email protected]
    Hello guys! Would love to hear from you. Please email or call…collect is fine!
  31.  Lott, Gerry  – Rach Kien – 6/69-8/69
     Franklin D. Sibayan
    [email protected]
    I was Delta three-six oscar.  Jim Leddige was my squad leader, Ron Payne/platoon sergeant, lt. Dennis Dodd/platoon leader.  Names of friends I remember: Frank Sibeyan(KIA), Ronald Cunningham, Donnie Oaks, Nichols, Secor, Lumpkin, Smith, Abramson, Doc Martinson.  I was from New Orleans.
  32.  Luppens, Arnette Joe  – 3rd Platoon – 5/69-7/70
  33. Lussier, Andre J. – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc 4/69 – 6/70
    5951 Roberta PLace
    Harrisburg, NC 28075
    [email protected]
    I was assigned to Fire Base Danger for the first 3 months of my tour, and then reassigned to Delta Company, 5th BN, 60th Infantry. I hung around with VanBlairicam, Ridgeway, Rawling, “Doc” Holliday. I was an M-60 gunner, but during the last few weeks of my tour, I was a jeep driver for 1st Sgt. Anderson and cleared the mines in the morning from base camp to Tan An and went out at night on recon patrol. If there’s anyone out there who would like to get in touch with me, I would like to hear from you. I can’t remember all the names of everyone, but maybe some of you will remember me — the guy with the French accent and known as “Frenchy.” Hope you are all doing well, and that life got better for you. As for me, I married my sweetheart from those VietNam days in May 1971, and we have three grown sons – Ron (former Army MP), Tim & Matt. 
  34.  Lynch, Mike  – 8/69-8/70
  35.  Martin, Philip G.  – E5 – Rach Kien – 1/70 – 8/70
    1065 Piney Road
    Hayesville, NC 28904
    404-392-1250 or 770-827-6642
    [email protected]
    Unsure as to which month in ’70 that the 9th Division was sent home and the majority of us were sent to the 25th Division or the 1st Air Cav. Welcome home to everyone of my brothers. 
  36.  Maloney, James J.  – E5 – Rach Kien – 2/69-7/69
    895 Sugarbush Ridge
    Zionsville, Indiana 46077
    [email protected]
    SGT-E5,  wounded 6-19-69
  37.  Maniss, Ralph S.  – Rach Kien – SP4 – 3rd Platoon – 01/69-01/70
    503 S. Chestnut St.
    Gainesville, Texas 76340

    [email protected]
  38.  Mays, Joe  – 1/69-1/70
  39.  McCants, Ron  – 3rd Platoon R.T.O. – Rach Kien / Binh Phuoc – 08/69 – 08/70
    James M. Moore
    46 Colonial Court
    Jefferson, GA 30549
    [email protected]
    3rd Platoon; Point man / RTO
  40.  Meyer, Phillip C. “Bud” – 1st Platoon – 6/69 – 6/70
    304 Winding Way
    Frankton IN 46044
  41.  Miller, Donald  – 01/69-06/69 
    Platoon Leader
    [email protected]
  42.  Minami, Edward  – SSG E6 – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 68-69
    3633 S 19th St
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221
    [email protected]
    I was a Squad Leader in the third platoon, arriving as Sgt E5 and Leaving as SSGT E6.  Wounded in action and sent to Japan, returned to unit 30 days thereafter.  I remember all my men and wish them well today and honor the memory of Charles Woodall, Point man.
  43.  Moppin, Daniel – Medic – Dong Tam – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 7/69
    [email protected]
    I was a medic with Delta company.I could not have asked for a better group of guys to work with when times were were good or bad. Thank you for your help. Doc
  44. Mutz, Larry – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kein – 7/68-7/69
    second platoon
  45.  Myrick, Thomas R. – E5 – Rach Kien – 6/69-5/70
    22 Katherine Circle
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402
    [email protected]
    I was first assigned to the Mobile Riverine Unit in Delta Company on the ships and after the 9th Infantry Division, came home.  I was reassigned to the 5th Bn 60th Infantry in Delta Company.  My rank when I left Vietnam was E5/11B/US.
    I look forward to hearing from all of you, I have alot of pictures but not very many names to put with the faces.  I guess my memory is failing me because at one time I could give each person in the pictures a name.  Sorry I will miss you at the meeting in Denver, Colorado.  But, I promise to be at the next one.  I might get a chance to send the pictures to the president of the Association so he can show them to you and maybe you will be able to recognize the young men.  Well, I am looking forward to hearing from you,
    Thomas R. Myrick (Retired Army Reserve Officer-Major 20 yr/4mo)
  46. Nigido, Peter J.  SP4 – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 1/70 – 8/70
    17 Hatfield Place
    Staten Island, NY 10302
    [email protected]
    WELCOME HOME !!!!!! 
  47. Nolles, James – 2nd. Plt. – Rach Kein, Binh Phouc – 1/70-10/70
     [email protected]
  48. Novosad, Willam – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kein – 5/69 – 5/70
    [email protected]
    Doing fine and pray all is well with everyone, who served with me.
  49.  Nowak, Bernie  – Rach Kien, Binh Phuoc, Cu Chi – 08/69-10/70
    [email protected]
  50.  Oaks, Donnie H.  – Rach Kien – 6/69-1/70
    419 Wampee Street NW
    Calabash NC 28467
    [email protected]
  51.  Patterson, James A.  – 3rd Platoon – 5/69-6/70
  52.  Payne, Ron  – 3rd Platoon – 1/69-1/70
    [email protected]
  53. Perno, John L. – Rach Kien – 6/68 6/69
  54. Pink, William J. – Rach Kien – 6/68 – 8/69
    1903. N. 65th Street
    Superior, WI 54880
    [email protected]
    Served with the 3\5 Cav, for four months and then reassigned to 5/60th at Rach Kien. Miss my friends, Acer, Walsh and all those withwhom I served.
  55. Porter, Dale P. – Rach Kien – 5/69 – 5/70
    153 Leslie Ct.
    Banning, CA 92220
    [email protected]
    2nd PLT, R.T.O. and Demo man.
  56. Price, Robert J.. – 1st Platoon Medic – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 1/70
    1430 Highmeadow Drive
    Garland TX 75040
    [email protected]
    HHC Medic attached to 1st Platoon Delta Company.

  57. Pullen, Gregg – Rach Kien – 1970
    29991 Horseshoe Drive
    Cosrsegold  CA
    [email protected]

    Served with the Delta Company 2nd Platoon during 1970.  Did the rice paddies, Nui Ba Din (the Black Virgin Mountain), Eagle flights, the Air Cushioned Vehicles (ACVs) in the Plain of Reeds, river boat patrol on the Mekong River,and of course the biggie, the Cambodia invasion.  Was a Squad Leader and  Platoon Sergeant during my stay.  Was wounded when a helicopter landed to pick up our wounded, which set off a booby-trapped explosive that got me and some others.  When the 9th Infantry left Binh Phouc, I was transferred to the 101st Airborne Division up north of Danang and fought in the tripple canopy jungle there.  I have fond memories of the guys I served with in my Platoon.  I never, and I mean never, sent any of my men on any type of patrol without going with them.  It was my job to take them out and to bring them back.  I loved that job and that responsibility.
  58. Rawlings, Jack – Rach Kien – 8/69 – 8/70
    8419 S 800 W Lot 13
    Modoc, IN 47358

  59. Retsema, Kenneth – Rach Kein – 7/68-7/69
  60. Robinson, Clegg G.  – Rach Kien – 3rd Platoon – 11/68 – 8/69
    13-923 Malama Street
    Pahoa HI 96778
    [email protected]
  61.  Ridgway, William  – SGT. – 2nd Platoon – 9/69-9/70
    2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon
  62.  Ronaghan, Walter  – Rach Kien – 2/69-1/70
    Oscar L. White
    8 Bentay Drive
    Harrison, New York 10528
    [email protected]
    Delta Weapons platoon
    I was on the deluxe tour plan and and managed to visit all top tourist attractions such as Ben Luc, Plain of Reeds, Can Giouc, etc.  We always brought along an 81 mm mortar to keep people awake at night.  On night ambushes we brought along a 60 mm mortar until someone put a round through it in the middle of a firefight.  Was it them or us?  Feel free to call or e mail.
  63.  Saldivar, Ernest  – 2nd Platoon – 2/69 – 2/70
    1464 W. Paul Avenue
    Fresno, California 93711
    [email protected]
    Second Platoon
    5th Battalion Association Delta Company Representative
  64.  Schuldt, Michael  -Sp 4 – 2nd Platoon – 10/68-8/69
  65.  Sefranka, Paul M. – Rach Kien – 4th Platoon – 5/69 – 9/69
    [email protected]
  66. Simmons, Frank Jr. – Rach Kien – 1969 – 1970
    PO Box 284
    Sandersville GA 31082
    [email protected]
    Retired Sergeant Major.
  67. Soleta, Ronald  – Sgt.- 2nd Platoon – 01/69-01/70
  68. Spalla, Augie – 1/70 – 12/70
    [email protected]
  69. Snodgrass, Wilder M. (Mac) – Company CO – 4/68 – 10/68
    266 Maricopa Drive
    El Paso, TX 79912
    [email protected]
    I was assigned to our battalion, then stationed in Binh Phuoc, District of Long An Province, circa April 1968 as the Commander of D/5-60 and relinquished command at Lai Khe of D/1-16 Inf, 1st Inf Division in September 1968. “D” Company consisted of the Maintenance Platoon, Medical Platoon and the Mess Platoon, so our mission was combat service support to the battalion… the Transportation Platoon remained in HQ Company. My day-to-day work was mostly to manage the construction of the Battalion HQ and Tactical Operations Center building on the compound which we constructed with troop labor and local lumber “purchased” mostly with C Rations from a local saw mill near Binh Phuoc off QL4. I road marched with the Battalion to Lai Khe in the fall of 68, as part of the swap with the 1/16th Infantry per agreement between MG Wear, then the 1st Div GC and MG Julian J Ewell, the 9th Div CG. I left Lai khe for Ft Bliss, TX in September 1968, thinking I’d never see that place again. But in Sep 1971, there I was corkscrewing right back into the same helo pad at Lai Khe–three years later, this time with MAC-V and assigned to Advisory Team 70 as the G1/G4 Advisor to the 5th ARVN Division. I just returned from a Reunion of fellow vets of the Battle of An Loc who gathered this year in Washington, DC on Sep 21 with several USAF FACs–another story. My fondest memory is of CPT Hector Villarreal cooking us Mexican Food in the Battalion Mess Hall on Sunday evenings whenever time, circumstances, and shipments of chili from home would allowed.
  70. Soria, Ronnie  – Rach Kien – 3/69 to 3/70
    1321 Huron
    Wellington, Kansas 67152
    Welcome Home.
  71.  Stabile, Tom  – 1st Platoon R.T.O. – 2/69-2/70
    1st Platoon – RTO
  72.  Stephens, Jack  – 1/69-4/70
  73. Stout, Robert Lee – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 9/68-7/69
    P.O. Box 75
    Worthville KY. 41098
    502 732-0891
    [email protected]
    In the back of my mind, But not Forgotten.
  74. Trimbur, Robert C. – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 6/69
    183 Blackbeard Road
    Little Torch Key, FL 33042
    [email protected]
  75. Trujillo, John E. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 10/69
    P.O. Box 401
    Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710
    [email protected]
  76. Trujillo, Phillip J. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 1/70
    1322 Fuchsia Street
    Upland, CA 91784
    [email protected]
    It’s been a long time! Good to know you guys are still out there.
  77. Walker, M.W. “Boog” – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc – 2/70 – 12/70
    P.O. Box 209
    Odin, IL 62870
    [email protected]
  78. Walsh, Robert J.  – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 7/68 to 7/69
    2 E. St Johns Avenue
    Villas, NJ 08251-2921
  79. Wodack, Larry E. – Rach Kein – 07/69 – 08/69
    141 blackbird St.
    North Fond du Lac, WI 54937
    [email protected]
    I came to the 5/60th after spending 6 months with the 3/47th down in Tiger’s Lair.  I was only with the 5/60 a short time before I was sent to Hawaii. I was in a couple of firefights, but the one that stands out most vividly is 10 july ’69 when SSgt Oscar White was killed and Quinonis was MIA overnight. A group of us went out looking for him.  I’d like to locate Quinonis or other members of the search party that went out looking for him that night.

  80. Woodmansee, Alan E. –  Rach Kien – 9/68 – 12/68
    468 Kingstown Road #13
    Wakefield, RI 02879
    [email protected]

    I was walking point on a berm on December 6, 1968 when I tripped a booby-trapped grenade. Richard Nieman was behind me and was also hit by shrapnel. Sgt. David Bull was the squad leader.
  81. Wright, Gerald R. – Binh Phuoc – 03/70 – 08/70
    13260 Ricci Acres Road.
    San Angelo TX 76901
    [email protected]
    I am trying to update my records for a medal display for the grandchildren. I have the record that shows the other men in the 5/60 that received the purple heart the same date as I did. On Aug. 6th 1970 I was wounded in the 1st. explosion and again when the medevac arrived another explosion occurred and I was wounded again. I qualify for a second purple award but need witnesses that can remember that. If you where there and know about this happening I could sure use your help. The others that received purple heart awards are Terrence W. Kelly, Edward J. Bialobak, Gary E. Moles, Keith Furlough. I was wounded and shipped to the states via Camp Zama in Japan. Thank you in advance. Gerald R Wright
  82.  Zastrow, Ronnie  – 2nd Platoon – 11/68-12/69
    888 Woodland, CT.
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087-2837