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Attached Members

  1.  Cronan, J. Michael  – 336 Assault Helicopter Co, "T-Birds"- Dong Ta Houston, TX 77061
    [email protected]
    I was a gunship pilot in support of the 9th Infantry in the Plain of Reeds area. I had a second tour from 9/71 to 5/72 in I Corps. I am the cousin of 5th/60th Association member Louis Balas.
  2.  Deister, Jim – 15th Engineers – 06/67-12/67
    2760 Linda Lane
    Salina, Kansas 67401
    [email protected] (home email)
    [email protected] (work email)
    3rd squad, 3rd Platoon, Company C, 15th Engineers
  3. Glenn, Mitchell, K. – Binh Phouc – 2nd/4th Artillery  – 12/67-12/68
    4401 Forge Road
    Nottingham, Pa. 19362
    610 932 0735
    [email protected]
    I was attached to 5/60th, I worked in TOC. Lee Alley worked in TOC his last few weeks. I remember the stories about him, he is a real hero. I also remember the 5/60th pulling road security at Fire Base Yeager and were overrun by NVA. Also in Saigon during TET.
  4.  Jackson, Harry R  – C Battery 1st/84th Artillery Tan An- 7/67 – 7/68
    1778 Chadwick Court
    Hixson, TN 37343
    [email protected]
    I served at Tan An that shared half of the compound with a 5/60th unit.
  5.  Halbrook, John  – Tan An- 3/67-3/68
    3118 E 91st Place
    Tulsa, OK 74137
    [email protected]
    2nd/4th Artillery
  6.  Kasper, Paul R.  – 3/67-3/68
    [email protected]
    TDY 15th Eng Flame APC'S
  7.  Kolodziejski, Joe  – Bear Cat-Dong Tam – 10/67-6/68
    PO Box 2043
    Port Aransas, TX
    [email protected]
    B co 15th Combat Engineers
    Wounded at firebase Jaeger
  8.  May, Donald E.> – 56th Signal Co Tan An – 6/69 – 3/70
    7812 GA Hwy 37 East
    Norman Park, GA 31771
    [email protected]
    Knew several men from Delta Co. and HHC.
    I was invited to join by Ernest Saldivar, Delta Co.
  9.  Striegler, Tom  – 2/67-9/67
    2nd/4th Artillery XO
    Web Page Tom Striegler's Vietnam Page
  10.  Thompson, Terry – 2nd/4th Artillery – 12/66-12/67
    [email protected]

  11.  Thompson, Wayne W. – Bear Cat – 3/67 – 3/68
    18 Glad Tidings Road
    Lugoff SC 29078
    [email protected]
    I was a member of Company B 9th Aviation Battalion, (stingrays) 9th Id. I was a crew-chief/door gunner on the Stingray helicopter gunships. We supported most units of the 9th ID in the Mekong Delta, Tan An, Dong Tam, MRF, all the infantry brigades. I was in the air over Firebase Jaeger on 2/25/68
  12.  Yenne, Jim – 2nd/4th Artillery D Battery – 11/67
    510 E. Lorena Avenue
    Wood River IL 62095
    [email protected]