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Charlie Company Membership

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Charlie Company




  1.      Adrian, Robert L. Jr.  – E5 – 1/69-1/70
        205 Road 20

        Cody, WY 82414
        [email protected]
        Served with Dennis Dinker, Jeff Sprenkel and Tom Tepper  naming just a few
  2. Allen, Michael Warren  – Sgt.(E-5) – 09/68-12/68
    Squad Leader

  3. Alley, Lee – Commanding Officer
  4. Alms, Eddy R.  – E6 – 2nd Platoon – Binh Phouc – 06/67-5/68
    460 CR 6610
    Dayton, TX 77535
    [email protected]
    2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon
  5. Askeland, James P.  – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc – 2/70 – 4/71
    1610 Pinoak Pl.
    Jonesboro, AR 72404
    [email protected]
  6. Ayres, George B.  – E5 – 12/67-12/68
    2618 McComas Rd.
    White Hall, Maryland 21161
    [email protected]
    I was Sgt. E-5, Also went to the Big Red One, Was the mess sgt at the end.  Looking for anyone who served with me or played CARDS with me.

  7. Baird, Jeffrey J.  – 2nd Platoon – Tan An – 5/70-8/70
    54 Woodlawn Circle
    Marshfield, Mass. 02050
    [email protected]
    I arrived in country 5/70.  My unit was sent to cambodia (shakey’s hill) right away.  After returning to Nam I was reassigned to the Americal Div.  I really can not remember to many names?  I hope this message will help me.
  8. Barouski, Robert J.  – 3rd Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 9/68 – 10/68
    1086 E. Gartner Road
    Naperville, Il. 60540
    [email protected]
    One of the last assigned to the 9th Infantry Division 5th /60th Mech before being reassigned to the 1st Infantry Division 1st / 16th. Took over from 1st LT. D. Long as XO after move North to Lia Khe.
  9. Bausser, Bill  – 2LT – Artillery FO from 2/4th Arty – Binh Phuoc -01/4/68-02/20/68
    1124 Arborhill Drive
    Woodstock, Ga. 30189
    [email protected]
    Artillery FO. 2LT.  Only with them for a short while.  Ran convoys from Saigon to Dong Tam.  Was at Cholon and the race track during TET.  Got blown off a track near Cai Lay.  Spent most of the rest of my tour as the FO of B 3/39 in and around Rach Kien and then the last 3 months of 1968 as the FDO and XO of C 2/4 Artillery in Tan Tru.  Will never forget TET and the guys in Bandido Charlie although I have a difficult time in remembering anyone’s name.
  10. Beck, Thomas Ray – Binh Phuoc – 11/67 -10/68
    43870 Barbara Trail
    Aguanga CA 92536
    [email protected]

  11. Bentler, John L. (H o r n)  – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kein – 12/68 – 7/69
    30 Butternut Court
    Iowa City, IA 52246
    [email protected]
    I carried the radio. My nickname was “Horn”.
  12. Bianco, James G.  – Charlie Co Medic
  13. Birge, Doug (Doc) 1st Platoon Medic – 2nd Platoon Medic – Binh Phuoc – 1/68-10/68
    [email protected]
  14. Bissenden, Thomas R. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kein – 8/68-7/69
    53437 Gearhart Rd.
    Marcellus, Michigan 49067
    [email protected]
    I have contacted Jerry Lemons, and Dennis Rognes. I would like to hear from anyone that served with the Charlie Rangers. The greatest!
  15. Bobbett, Gary  – 4/67-4/68
    Larry A. Garner
  16. Born, Jack W. – 3rd Plt – Dong Tam – 9/68 – 12/68
    7010 Orchard Ave
    Parma, OH 44129
    [email protected]
    I was short upon arriving in country as I had only 7 months to serve. I was assigned to the 1/16th in Lai Khe and was transferred to 5/60th in Dong Tam. I was on the Loc Nihn operation before going to Dong Tam, and one of my childhood friends was an evac chopper pilot and was shot down and killed on that operation along with General Kieth Ware who was commanding that operation…small world. I also knew Capt. Warren Goss and went on several missions with him. I really liked him and felt a great loss when he was killed just before I left country. I also soldiered with fellow grunts Riggins, Holzheimer, Rasa and Bowles, all of whom are now deceased. I miss them all and wish they could have lived to join in on our reunions. May God keep them all in His arms.

  17. Bowen, William D.  – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc – 12/69 – 10/70
    2531 SW 114th
    Seattle, WA. 98146
    [email protected]
  18. Bowen, James D. – Hq Platoon – Lai Ke (1st/16th) then Rach Kein 5/68 – 5/69
    12399 State Hwy 198
    Conneautville, PA 16406
    [email protected]
    Was radio operator for Co Commander or “Commo Chief” for most of my tour. We had several COs seriously wounded or killed during my year in Vietnam.

  19. Breidenbach, Peter H. – Charlie Co. / HDQRTRS Co. – Dong Tam / Rach Kien – 9/68 to 6/69
    Memories now thirty-six plus years (and growing) of all of us working hard to keep each other alive. I have positive memories despite the Hell we found ourselves in. I carried radio for Captain Goss and remember many talks with him at all hours in all sorts of situations. His beliefs, his total understanding of the big picture and the immediate picture, his appreciation for every man he commanded, the value and respect he placed on human life, (no matter the uniform) plus a dedicated belief that he could make a difference in and for the Army for the years to come was astounding. His love and caring for Charlie Company put him in the wrong place at the wrong time on 6 Dec 1968. His replacement meant well but did not have a clue how to lead or command and Warren Judge Goss, now a Major took one more mission to safeguard the company and was taken from us by a sniper. In the Summer of 1968 when we were still part of the Big Red One, Gen. Keith Ware used to fly in wherever
    Goss was and have private in the field talks. The boys in higher command knew of his capacities through Ware (and others). He would have made great contributions to the Army and our nation beyond those he made with us. God Bless Him.
  20. Broyles, Danny C. – 3rd Platoon – Binh Phuoc 4/68 – 2/69
    18728 Dawn Road
    Newalla, OK 74857-8889
    I started with the 9th, 5th/60th Bandido Charlie, 3rd Plt, then after 5 or 6 months I moved to the 1st/16th, 1st ID. We ended up in the Iron Triangle and built a firebase outside of Ben Cat. It was called firebase Hertcan and was about a mile from the Mekong river.
  21. Buckhout, James K.  – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 8/69
    8180 N. 37th St.
    Richland, MI 49083
    [email protected]
  22. Burt, Harold L.  -E6 –  3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 8/68 to 7/69
    Hugh E. Best David R. Rasa
    Deceased 7/15/14
    E-6, Platoon Sgt for Third Platoon, Charlie Co.
  23. Buswell, Robert L.  – LT – 1st Platoon – 01/70-06/70
    Albaro Q. Garcia
    1st Platoon Leader
  24. Califello, Richard J. – E5 – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 8/68-7/69
    11612 Belmont Place
    Cedar Lakes, IN 46303
    I came down from the 1st/16th 1st ID.
  25. Celis, Alberto, D. – Dong Tam – My Tho – 1967-1968
    219 Avenida Marguarita.
    Oceanside, CA 92057
    [email protected]
    To all who survived Hello! To those who did not you will never be forgotten
  26. Chaffin, Edward, J. – E5 – 1st Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 05/68-09/68
    11618 80th Ave N.
    Seminole, FL 33772
    [email protected]
    1st platoon/ squad leader/Sgt E-5   TET offense/wounded in right knee.
  27. Chaffin, Wendel T. (Toby)  – LT – 2nd Platoon – 4/70-8/70
    Walter L. Redding
    Platoon Leader
    [email protected]
    5th Battalion Association Vice-President
  28. Chance, George R. – 4th Platoon – Rach Kien – 7/69 – 4/70
    646 Northland Drive
    Hanover PA 17331
    [email protected]
    I also served with Delta Co 3/47, 05/69 – 07/69.
  29. Chierchio, Joseph (The Bull) – Dong Tam – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 3/69
    116 Cherry Lane
    Medford, NY 11763
    [email protected]
    I was assigned to Co. C 1/16 Inf, 1st Inf Div in March 1968.  I remember that move in Sept 1968.  I was assigned to the Mess Hall Jan 69.  I left Vietnam March, 69 and was discharged March 69 from Fort Dix, N.J.  I was originally from Brooklyn, N.Y.  I do not have a computer, but please send me more information about 5/60 Co. C. 9th Div.  Co C was assigned from a small town outside Saigon.  I went from Dong Tam, to Rach Kien, then to Fort Dix N.J.  Then I went back to Brooklyn, N.Y.  I wish to attend the next reunion.
  30. Clark, Gary G. – 2nd Platoon Leader – Rach Kien – 2/69 – 2/70
    PO Box 12
    Birch Run, MI 48415-0012
  31. Clouse, Larry M. – LT – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kein – 04/69-04/70
    2213 Fallen Oaks Drive
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
    [email protected]
    Third Platoon Leader. Captain Dave Mackey was my first CO. He was KIA in a Copter crash. Sgt. Sullivan was platoon sergeant. Sulley was wounded by friendly fire in the leg. I served as the Assistant S3 and the S5 when promoted to Captain. Sgt.McEnally, Sgt.Richard Stennico, Doc Johnson, Sgt.Ray Birchfield. All served in the Third Platoon with me. Would love to hear from anyone from Charlie Company who was in country in 1969.

  32.  Copeland, Tommy G. – BearCat, DongTam, Tan An, Binh Phouc – 05/66 – 12/67
    1521 Rice Rd # L-103
    Tyler, TX 75703-3222
    [email protected]
    First Charlie Company Commanding Officer, S-4, S-5
    Great to have found 5th/60th INF again, The Best Then, The Best Now
  33. Cordle, Timothy, D. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kein and Binh Phuoc – 09/69-09/70
    12070 Greenbower Ave.
    Pickerington, OH 43147
    [email protected]
    Home email [email protected].  Would like to hear from old comrades.

  34. Coro, Don Terry – SFC – Retired 1st Sgt – Binh Phuoc – 11/67 – 5/68
    6212 Pino Real Drive
    El Paso, TX 79912
    [email protected]
    great fighting men… welcome home brothers… hold your head high and stand tall… there are none better BANDIDO CHARLEY 5TH 60TH INF
  35. Cowles, Lenny E. – Mortar Platoon – Rach Kein – 01/69-01/70
    4272 Birchwood Ave
    Seal Beach, Ca 90740
    [email protected]
    Looking to hear from Randy, Chet, or George Chance from Mortar Platoon. Would love to hear from anyone from 1969 that remembers Charlie Co.’s basketball court or the EM club that Hank built
  36. Daniel, Albert – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 7/69 – 3/70
    1413 N. Bibb Avenue
    Eagle Pass, TX 78852
    [email protected]
    I’m HOME
  37. Davis, Benjamin H. – 4th Platoon – Binh Phuoc/Rach Kien – 05/68-05/69
    7796 Teal Glen Cr.,
    Mooringsport, LA 71060
    [email protected]
    Bandido For life
  38. Davis, Dan L. – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 07/69-01/70
    116 Oak Creek Circle
    Branson West, MO 65737
    [email protected]
    Platoon Leader 1st Platoon from 07/69 to 11/69 then transferred to HHC. Captain Roberts was Charlie Company Commander
  39. Davis, Jackson D.  – 12/66-9/68
    Larry A. Garner
    710 Pebble Creek
    Mesquite, Texas 75149
    [email protected]
    Served under Lt.Garner.  Buddies I had – Delbert Webb; Walter Cline Dong Tam on Coleten Navy ship when with Navy on mekon river patrol.  Was hit in sept.1967.  Bandidos!!
  40. Denker, Dennis Paul – E5 – Rach Kein – 09/68 – 03/69
    4557 NE Park Ridge Ave
    Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64064

    [email protected]
    In Country June 1968, Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad.  September 1968 unit moved to 5/60, 9th Division.  Pointman until became squad leader, Sgt E-5, for 1st squad.
  41. Depko, John  – 1LT – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 11/68 – 07/69
    Dennis M. Keith Rodney D. Wise – my two radio operators who were KIA on 6 Feb 69 in a night ambush near the Binh Phuoc bridge.
    259 E. Bay Street
    Costa Mesa, California 92627
    714 896-7249
    [email protected]
    I was a First Leiutenant, 1st Platoon Leader of Charlie Company in 1969.  Call sign: Riot Charlie Five-Six… Sea of Reeds, Parrot’s Beak, Go Cong, Tan Tru, Tan An, wounded near Binh Phuoc’s blown-up bridge on 2/6/69… Looking for any Charlie grunts, my squad leaders, other platoon leaders, medics, and especially “Cowboy” Sgt McLean who probably saved all our lives that night at the bridge ambush.
  42. DeSpain, Sam – 9/69-9/70
    504 N. Lincoln
    Elk City, OK 73644
    [email protected]
  43. Desper, Rich – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 7/69
    2500 Marlee Drive
    Turlock, CA 95380
    [email protected]
    Came down from the 1st/16th, 1st ID. Served as a squad Sgt with Lt Bob Cooper.
  44. DiStefano, Ronald (Babysohn) – 4th Platoon – Binh Phuoc – Lai Kai – 04/68 – 04/69
    161 Kennedy Blvd
    Bellmawr, NJ 08031
    [email protected]
    Proud to be a Bandido Charlie!
  45. Dittmer, Jon G. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 1/70
  46.  Doherty, William  – LT – Commanding Officer – 3rd Platoon – Binh Phouc – 9/67 – 3/68
    for all the men who operated out of Binh Phuoc
    [email protected]
    1Lt Doherty
    Platoon Leader – 3rd Platoon
    Served with 2LT Tommy Franks, who was our artillery FO (General Franks was Commander-in-Chief of  the US Central Command and was responsible for the prosecution of the war against the terrorists).
    5th Battalion Association Charlie Company Representative
  47. Dooms, Harry – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 3/69-3/70
    [email protected]
  48. Dudley Lawrence H. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 4/69 – 2/70
    2210 S 7th Avenue
    Sequim, WA 98382-9792
    360 797-1093
    [email protected]
    Came from Bravo Co., 4th/47th, Mobile Riverine Force

  49. , Herbert (Arnold) – Rach Kien – 8/68 – 8/69
    281 Murray Drive
    Grapeland, TX 75844
  50. Egelston Gary L. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 8/69
    451 Frank Hurt Road
    Frenchburg, Ky 40322
    [email protected]
     It was a pleasure to serve with you all
  51. Egli Walter N. – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 8/68 – 2/69
    7281 Parklane Drive
    Algonac, MI 48001
    [email protected]
     Assigned August 1968 Charlie Company 1st/16th, 1st Infantry Division which became 5th/60th, 9th Infantry Division. Lai Ke to Dong Tam than Rach Kein. Wounded in night ambush near the Binh Phuoc bridge 2/6/69 in command post where Dennis Keith and Rodney Wise were lost (God Bless). After field hospital visit was confined to base camp. Wounded once more by incoming mortar round on 2/14/69. Spent remainder of tour in hospital, Okinawa. Separated from active duty Oakland, Ca. 4/16/69.
  52. Eickendorf, John – 2nd Plt. – 9/68
    5569 HWY 66
    Stevens Point, WI 54482
    I came down from the 1st/16th as a short-timer.
  53. Elliott,Thomas F. – Rach Kien – 9/69 – 11/69
    12 Dennis Road
    Bloombury, NJ 08804
    [email protected]
    Anyone who remembers me, please feel free to contact me.
  54. Engelhardt,Larry R. – Bearcat – Binh Phuoc – 12/66 – 12/67
    4803 West Gage
    Boise, ID 83706
    [email protected]
    Company C 5/60 June ’66 ’till April ’67, then headquarters 5/60 ’till Nov. ’67. Executive Officer, Platoon Leader, 1st Platoon, S3, Air Liaison. Hello out there – please contact me at my email address above. I’m Curious to see who is still around. Have most of the history of the initial Bandidos.
  55. Ensminger, Dennis – E5 – 1st Platoon – Rach Kein & Binh Phuoc – 11/69 – 8/70
    Albaro Q. Garcia

    [email protected]
    I was a combat infantry squad leader, Sgt.E-5, for 1st Platoon, Charlie Co., 3rd Brigade, 5th/60th, 9th Infantry Div. from 11/69 to 8/70. Main duties involved night ambushes, Eagle Flights (daylight chopper insertions) approx. every 13 days, and medcaps (providing security for a doctor & dentist in countryside villages. Sure would like to find guys in my squad but can only remember first or last names.
  56. Essary, Norman G. – 1st Plt – Rach Kien – 3/69 – 4/70
    142 Carel Road
    Jefferson City, MO 65109
    [email protected]
  57. Fort, Harvey L. – Dong Tam – 12/66 – 11/67
    187 Clement Ferry Road
    Huger, SC 29450
    [email protected]
    I am looking for contact with anyone that served under Lt. Garner or Sgt. Santos during my time in Vietnam. If anyone remembers anything from C-Company during my time there please contact me as I am looking forward to speaking with someone that I served with. Names that I remember are as follows; Jerry Bacon, Larry Dunnaway, Russell Mackey, SSgt. Santos, Hernandez, Robert Perkins, Wise. Again, I look forward to connecting with anyone from that time.
  58. Frank, Tony  – Sp4 – 4th Platoon – 4/68-10/68
    Mortar Platoon
  59. Garness, Steve – Rach Kien – 6/68 – 6/69
    1121 W. Oliver Street
    Spearfish, SD 57783
    [email protected]
    I was with the 1/16th inf. 1st inf.div. then moved to the 9th, I think in sept of 68…..welcome home guys!!!
  60. Garver, Ronald P. – Binh Phuoc – 11/67 – 10/68
    634 Chippewa Drive
    Defiance OH 43412
    William G. Behan Richard J. Flores
    Edmund B. Scarborough Randolph R. Wilkins

    [email protected]
    I was in B Company for TET, C Company for Mini TET, then HHQ Co.  Looking for information as to the whereabouts of my RTO Jim Lundberg and Clemmer who served with me in C Co.
  61. Gault, Dawin (Buddy) – E6 – 3rd Platoon – Bien Phuoc – 03/68-03/69
    Richard J. Flores
    [email protected]
    I came in country as a shake and bake E-5 as squad leader with C company 5thBn/60th Inf.  I was on the Y bridge at the start of the Mini-Tet offensive.  I made the move with the Bandidos to the Big Red One.  As an example of how things were in Vietnam at that time I was promoted to E-6 and made acting Platoon leader of the third Platoon with the call sign of Charlie 3/6.  By then the First Div. had had enough of us old Bandidos and had given the orders to not wear our patches and we were called Iron Guard Charlie.  I still have my Bandido Patch.  I’m sorry to say I have large blank places where I should have memories of who I served with and things that we did.  I still think of myself as a Bandido and thank God everyday that I was with that group of brave and crazy men.  I would not want to do it again but I would not take anything for it.
  62. Gayhart, Homer L. Jr. “Butch” – Binh Phuoc – 04/67-04/68
    15820 S.145th East Ave.
    Bixby OK 74008-7103
    home 405-213-4616
    [email protected]
    I went to Doug Tam first.  As soon as I was assigned we went out to help the inf. in the field.  My first firefight I was hit in the butt by shrapnel from our jets.  I was dusted off to Dong Tam with 1 kia and 3 wia.  Taped up and sent back out in the field.  I was at Binh Phuoc, TET.  A lot of other places I cannot remember.  I served with LT Garner.  Don’t remember a lot of names.  I was there 4/67 4/68.  I am going to the reunion.  See you there.
  63. George James W. – Rach Kien – 6/68 – 6/69
    15994 County Road 315
    Lindale, TX 75771
    Charlie Company 1st Sgt.
  64. Gibson, Darrel J. – 2nd Platoon R.T.O. – Rach Kein – 09/68 – 06/69
    3337 Reno Rd.
    Ottawa KS 66067
    [email protected]
    I came down from Lai Khe, with the 1/16th, 1st Inf. Div., in Sept., 1968, when our battalion was transferred to Dong Tam and the 9th Div.  We took C-130’s first, then later river boats to arrive at Dong Tam.  The 9th Division Band greeted us at the dock, as we stepped ashore.  I was an SP4, and I served as the RTO, for Lt. Rude, and Sgt. Johnson (2nd Platoon), before moving to the Charlie Company CP group, where I carried the radio for the company commander.  We went through a number of CO’s during my time in the field.  Cpt. Goss, Lt. Vickers, Cpt. Roberts, Cpt. Gober, and finally Cpt. Mackey, all served as my boss during that time.  I recall the “doughnuts” we threw in the water logged rice paddies near the river in Oct. 1968, attempting to seal off a VC battalion.  At least two nights were spent in waist deep leech infested waters, holding our positions.  Many operations with the 2/47th at Bien Phouc, pulling security duty at the Ben Luc Bridge, the villages surrounding Rach Kein, and New Year’s eve, 1968, on a last minute ambush south of Rach Kein, come to mind.  I’d give anything to ride in a Huey again with my buddies!  Any 2nd Platooners, or HQ platoon vets., please send me an e-mail.
  65. Gober, Hershel W. – Rach Kien – 2/69 – 3/69
    [email protected]
    Served as Charlie Company Commander. Wounded and medievacked 3/69. Retired from Army 1978. Confirmed by US Senate to serve as Deputy Secretary US Dept of Vet Affairs 2/1993 – 1/2001

  66. Golden, Richard Wayne – Dong Tam – 9/68 – 10/68
    46 Cutler Lake Road
    Ontario, Canada POP1PO
    [email protected]
    Royal Canadian navy 1958 to 1963 troop ship to quin hon vietnam us army 156 hem co 1/16 inf big red one hq and charlie co. transfer to the 9th Inf div 5th 60th deros home from dong tam 3 weeks later Oct 21st 1968.
  67. Goodwin,  Millard   Rhea – Binh Phouc – 3/68-3/69
    1125  Mcnichol Lane
    Chattanooga, Tn. 37421
    [email protected]
  68. Goree, James W. Jr.- Binh Phuoc – 10/67 – 12/67
    617 Karns Avenue
    La Peunte, CA 91746-1822
    I am so glad I found this web-site. I would appreciate it very much if I could get more information on Charlie Co in Binh Phuoc.
  69. Gould, Allen -Rach Kien – 1968 – 1969
    24124 Commercial Street
    Plainville IL 60544
    [email protected]
    My father in law served 68-69 Charlie Bandido 2nd platoon, 5th battalion, 6th Infantry, 9th Division Mechanized. He was awarded two purple hearts. I am looking to help him rebuild his past, so if anyone knew him or can send me any information, please send it to me and I will relay to him. Thank you..
  70. Grissom, David – 1st Plt – Dong Tam – 9/68 – 7/69
    3671 Co Rd 1435
    Vinemont, AL 35179
  71. Guillen, Roy  – 1st Platoon Track 1-2 Driver – Bearcat – 12/66 – 08/67
    1810 Kendalia
    San Antonio, Texas 78224
    [email protected]
    I was the driver for track 12.  Was a friend of Russell Reust, Joe Shorter, John McPartlend, Darrel Shank, Boris Bentley, among others.  Fought at Ap Bac May 2nd, 1967 and was there during the two days of fighting (July 29-30th) when Lt. Garner was killed.  I remember that some of us had nicknamed him the Red Baron, because of his red handkerchief, before the name Bandidos came along.
  72. Gulliver, Albert C. Jr. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 01/69-08/69
    157 Valley View Rd..
    Georgetown, Tx. 78633
    [email protected]
    I was in Rach Kien from Jan to April ’69 in the second platoon, mostly as point. I don’t remember but a few names (a 20 year drunk does that). I do remember Sampson, Gibson (charlie 6 oscar), Bowles, Cowboy and Lt. Depko. Would love to hear from anyone.
  73. Guillorn, Albert  – Rach Kien – 12/68 – 12/69
    100 Fair Street
    Bristol, CT 06010
    [email protected]
    I was known as “Riverboat” I served with Charlie Co. 2nd Platton until Sepetmeber of 1969, then I served in Tan An in the Medical Battalion there until December of 1969.
  74. Hardeman, Timothy L.  – 2nd Platoon – Dong Tam – Binh Phuoc – 7/67 – 7/68
    87 Ridge Place
    Bryson City, NC 28713
    [email protected]
    I was with C/5/60 from 7/67 – 11/67 when we were attached to the third bn. and lived on the USS Colleton between missions. I was an M60 gunner at that time. From 11/67 to 7/68 when I DEROSED we were at Binh Phuoc. I remember Kincaid and Lekse from the names I read.
  75. Harrier, Jim  – 2/68-10/68
    [email protected]
  76. Harris, Hassell (Junnie)  – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc – 12/69-12/70
    2390 Lighthouse Lane
    Greenville, NC 27858
    [email protected]

  77. Haug, James A. (Tony)  – Binh Phuoc – 3rd Platoon – 12/66-12/67
    604 48th Street CT W
    Palmetto, FL 34220
  78. Hartshorn, Bill  – 3rd Platoon – Bearcat – Dong Tam – 11/66 – 6/67
    49 St Francis Street
    Ansonia, CT 06401
    Original advanced party. Was in the Bearcat and Dong Tam area of operation. Looking to connect with my buddies.
  79. Heater, Richard G. – Binh Phuoc – 1968 – 4/69
    1064 Hafer Road
    West Union, OH 45693
  80. Hellige,  Frank   Rhea – Binh Phuoc – 11/66 – 12/67
    14 North 12th Street
    Breese, IL. 62230
    [email protected]
  81. Herbert, James C. – Rach Kien – 12/69 to 2/70
    1035 McDonough Rd.
    Jackson, Georgia 30233
    [email protected]
  82. Hester, Kendall – Rach Kien – 8/68 – 1/69
    15344 181st Avenue NE
    Woodinville, WA 98072-9375
    [email protected]
    Thanks to Darrel Gibson, I found you guys. I remember lots of friends, but I have forgot many names and faces – it’s been a long time. I was up in the 1st infantry division, where we would go out in dense jungle for days / weeks. Then we transferred to the 9th where we mostly helicopter’ed in and assaulted wood lines.
  83. Hill, Bob – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 4/68-2/69
    509 Center Road
    Oregon, WI 53575
    [email protected]
    Originally was with the Big Red One 1/16, up North somewhere until we were transferred to the 9th down in the Delta. Was a Sergeant squad leader until Febreuary of 1969 when we were ambushed and I was wounded — 2nd Purple Heart– Hospitalized and returned home to see all the Jane Fonda protesters. Welcome home to all you grunts !!
    Life is GOOD.

  84. Hinkson, Daryl A. – Bearcat, Dong Tam – 11/66 to 11/67
    19 Hickory Hill Drive
    Chester, CT 06412
    [email protected]
  85. Hodgden, Larry D. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 5/69 – 8/69
    2800 N. Cleveland
    Enid, OK 73703
    [email protected]
    What a web site. I’ve been in touch with Jim Mintz over the years. Even went snow skiing with him in Feb. 2008. Last time I was in touch with anyone else was Aug. 6th 1969 when Charlie Company left base camp at about 4 PM. I was walking point (had only been point for about one week). We walked through Rach Kein and about one mile further south. Then we went less than a quarter mile west on a larger dike were I tripped a hand grenade booby trap. I think Charlie Morris was right behind me. He had been a long time point for 3rd Platoon. I remember Jim Mintz, Doc, and a third person working on me. Thanks Guys!!! Had two major operations…spent five months in hospitals. (Easy Duty!!!)
    I made a full recovery. I’m grateful to still be alive at age sixty.
    Would love to hear from anyone who served with me.

  86. Hohman, John Howard – 4th Platoon – Binh Phouc – 12/67 – 12/68
    Charles A. Stovall
    Post Office Box 71
    Milton, Delaware 19968
    (302) 684-8683
    [email protected]
    4th platoon, TET etc.
  87. Hollowbush, Rodney  – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 5/69 – 4/70
    136 Flewellyn Road
    Harrison Valley, PA
    [email protected]
  88. Huston, Steve  – SGT – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 8/69-5/70
    [email protected]
    Sgt.  1st Platoon.  I would like to get some info on Criss.
  89. Jackson,  Wilmer E. – 2nd Plt – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 4/69
    2218 Mid Lake Drive
    Union, NE 68455
    [email protected]
  90. Jahn, Chester R. – 2nd Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 1/68-10/68
    19775 Fir Grove Rd.
    Monmouth Oregon 97361
    503 838-1262
    [email protected]
  91. James, Robert  – 4th Platoon – 2/67-2/68
    [email protected]
    I was in the Mortar platoon, I also doubled as the company bugler under Company Comander Lt. Gardner.
  92. Jenkins, Clemmie – Binh Phuoc – 3/68-4/69
    779 Bay Rd.
    Rowesville, SC 29133
    803 536 4799
  93. Jewell, Tex William Jr.  – 1st Platoon –  Rach Kien – 10/68 – 10/69
    1334 Bates Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909
    [email protected]
    Although my memory has failed me more often than I care to admit I do remember a lot of those I served with. I remember well the day that “Duck” got into the booby trap, heard him yell, it scared the hell out of me. I ran over to him fearing the worst, but he was alive. Also remember going to see him in the hospital, him showing us the bag with his guts hanging out(a sight I’ll never for get). Remember “Tiny” (RIP buddy) going into the wood line getting into another bobby trap — I can still see the smoke & dust. I am so glad I came across Lt Alley’s book, other wise I would have not found this web site where I have seen many names of those brave souls that Kicked Ass in the Bush. Love you guys and Welcome Home!!!
  94. Johnson, John R. – 3rd Platoon –  Dong Tam – 7/66 – 11/67
    2113 Bryce Drive
    Lake Havasu City AZ 86406
    [email protected]
    My call sign was 33DELTA
  95. Johnston, Jon E. W.  – SSG – 1st Platoon –  Rach Kien – 7/69 – 5/70
    130 Poole Pl
    Oldsmar, FL. 34677
    [email protected]
    Was Platoon SGT. with 1st and 2nd Platoons, awarded the SS, BS, PH, ARCOM, AM and of course the CIB. Hope to hear from anyone  ,anytime , and maybe get together.  Hope all are doing well.
  96. Jones, Craig L.  – 4th Platoon –  Binh Phuoc – Tan An – Lai Khe – 11/67 – 11/68
    2290 Emerald Road
    Boulder CO 80304
    [email protected]
    Los bandidos es muy mala.

  97. Jones, Donald L. Sr.  – Hq Platoon  – Dong Tam – 1/67-4/68
    506 East Cormick Ave.
    Centralia, Illinois 62801-2626
    618-533-2529 cell 618-780-4097
    Looking for guys who served with me

  98. Jones, Lanny  – 1st Platoon Track 1-1 Driver – Binh Phuoc – 3/68-3/69
    814 Pitchfork Alley
    Jefferson City  Mo 65109
    1st Squad, 1st Platoon Lead Track Driver (Track 1-1)
  99. Jordan, James J. – 1st Platoon – Rach Kein – 3/69 – 9/69
    717 Mooreland Cir.
    Portage WI 53901
    [email protected]
    I was called the “old man” or Pops
  100. Jorgensen, James L. – Rach Kien – 06/69-03/70
    [email protected]
    Transferred from 4/47th (Mobile Riverines) when 9th Division was disbanded. Assigned to 3rd Platoon. Became platoon RTO.  Became company RTO when Capt. James Roberts was CO.  Became Sgt. E5 and continued to go to the field attached to the company HQ group as a sort of “Jack of all trades.”  Am still in touch with 5/60th troopers Gary Kuehne (Wisconsin) and FO Lt. Jim Waldo (Oklahoma).  Anyone know where Barry Locke is (formerly New Jersey)?  He got a silver star for wrestling some gook to the ground one night during an ambush.
  101. Keck, Walter L. – Bearcat – 11/66-11/67
    6246 Alder Street
    Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
    [email protected]
    Time passes quickly and its been 44 years since those days in the Delta. You try and think you have put them behind you but they are always there. I am proud to have been a part of the 5/60th Infantry.
  102. Keegan, John G. (Jack). – Dong Tam – 4/69 – 4/70
    329 Minorca Avenue
    St Augustine FL 32080
    [email protected]
  103. Kennedy, Thomas A. – Rach Kien, Bien Phouc – 69-70
    6601 N. Greenview
    Chicago, IL 60626
    [email protected]
    I am interested in a reunion and returning to Vietnam for a visit.
  104. Killian, Darrell H. – Binh Phuoc – 1/68-1/69
  105. Kincaid, Kenneth K. – Binh Phuoc – 07/67-0768
    1534 Softshell St.
    St. Cloud, FL 34771
    [email protected] 

  106. Kuehne, Gary G. – Rach Kien – 6/69 – 4/70
    2117 Lima Center Road
    Whitewater, WI 53190
    [email protected]
  107. Kuisle, Edward P. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien- 6/69 – 6/70
    5959 County Road 8 SW
    Rochester, MN 55902
    [email protected]
    My schedule doesn’t allow me to make St. Louis.
    Work email: [email protected]

  108. Landgraff, Earl G. – Bearcat, Dong Tam – 1966-1967
    1331 Noah Ave.
    Spring Hill, Florida 34608


    [email protected]

    Bandido Charlie 1966, Bandido Charlie for LIFE, Original Bandido Charlie. I hit a landmine in June of 67.  I don’t remember much after that, believe I walked around with a concussion. I would love to hear from anyone that might remember me. Very few names I remember. LT Garner and Hugh Norwood and all the others, you are my heroes YOU Never leave my mind …. To all others Welcome Home.

  109. Langelan, Raymond F. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien- 7/69 – 4/70
    [email protected]
    Arrived in country 04/13/69 and was assigned to Co. D, 3/60th Mobile Riverine. Transferred to Co C, 5/60th in 07/69 when 3/60th was sent home..
  110. Lawson, Robert – 1st Plt – 6/68 – 6/69
    20 Lees Farm Commons Drive
    North Providence, RI 02904
  111. Lee, James R. – Binh Phuoc- 7/67 – 3/68                           
    PO Box 470
    Wellsburg, WV 26070
    [email protected]
    Looking for friends from Charlie Co and Alpha Co.
  112. Lehman, Charles R. – Dong Tam – 3/67 – 3/68
    1337 Killian Road
    Akron, OH 44312
    [email protected]
  113. Lekse, Alan L. – SP/4 – 2nd Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 9/6/67-4/5/68
    1941 Nicolette Ct.
    Martinez, CA. 94553
    [email protected]
    2nd Platoon sp4 Binh Phuoc, Cai Lay, Plain of Reeds, Hwy 1 Tom Rushing,Eddy Alms,Greg Tuthill,Webb from Alabama,Thigpen from N.Y.,After my 2nd purple heart transfered to Long Binh last couple of months.
  114. Lemons, Jerry (Henry) – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 9/69
    1033 Shaw Road
    Adairsville GA 30103
    I have been in contact with Tom Bissenden and Dennis Rognes. I would like to hear from Dave Sullivan, Melvin Gallagher and anyone else I served with. God bless the brave men we lost in Charlie Co. especially Jay Rumsey, James Riggins, Doc Bowles, Dennis Holzheimer, James Luckey, Roger Vickers, Samuel Williams and Warren Goss.
  115. Lingley, Jim, A. – E5 – 2nd Platoon – Supply  – Rach Kien – 07/69-06/70
    [email protected]
    Transferred from 4/47th Mobile Riverines and sent to Charlie Co 2nd platoon at Rach Kien.  Was Fire team leader, asst. squad leader, became Sgt. E-5, squad leader, and in 02/70 became Company C Supply Sgt.
  116. Linnen, James Michael – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 2/69 – 11/69
    10444 Woodland Sq NE
    Bolivar, OH 44612
    [email protected]
    I have pics and home movies, thought about sharing some of them with those interested. There are many Charley Rangers I would like to see or talk with again. Updated e-mail address on 3/27/10. Help! I would like any, again any information on C-1st Plt medic “Doc Jones” Spec 4, medivac’d in @ Aug-Sept ’69 from vc-personel mine in Plain of Reeds. That is all the info I have. Would like to hear from everyone any time.
  117. Liskey, Rocky  – 1st Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 5/68-6/68
    1st Platoon
  118. Litherland, Robert F.  “Duck” – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 1/69-8/69
    317 686 4140
    [email protected]
    I was known as “Duck”, was in 1st Platoon, 1st Squad, Charliie Co.  Was a grunt and fought with Sargent K, Rivers, Cowboy, Dog, Pollock, Tiny, Trigger, Hillbilly, Pops, Doc Bennet, Pretty Boy Langston and some other equally unsavory gentlemen that I still love and miss.  I got hit July 10, 69 in the Plain of Reeds and didn’t really get a chance to say good bye, so if any of the guys read this there’s beer and dinner on me in your town.
  119. Lloyd, Evan “Twiggy” – 4th Platoon – Binh Phouc – 4/68  4/69
    P.O. Box 186
    Port Salerno, FL 34992
    [email protected]
    I arrived in March 68 and was in mortar platoon.
  120. Lock, Barry C. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 5/69-7/70
    634 Longmeadow Circle
    Longwood, FL 32779
    [email protected]
  121. Logsdon, Jim  – Sgt. – 1st Platoon – Binh Phouc – 5/70 – 8/70
    422 E 650 N
    Attica, Indiana 47918
    [email protected]
    Looking for the real name of Blue the Medic.
    He was there somewhere around 4/70 to 8/70.
  122.  Lopez, Salvador,T. –  Rach Kien – 02/68 – 02/70
    693 Artic
    Oak Grove, KY 42262
    [email protected]
    Does anyone have any info on obtaining the patches we wore on our uniforms?

  123. Mabus, Barry  – 9/67-12/67
    [email protected]
  124. Makemson, Jack S. – Dong Tam – 9/67 – 11/67
    2606 SR 508
    West Liberty, OH 43357
    [email protected]
    I was wounded at Fire Base Cudgel Nov.18,1967. I received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.
  125.  Mallory, Robert E. – 1st Plt –   Binh Phuoc – 10/67 – 1/69
    288 No Barlow Lane
    Bishop, CA 93514
    760-937-3372 [email protected]
    I was with Bandido Charlie at Binh Phuoc Company C 5th Bn 60th Inf 9th Inf div and I was with Bandido Charlie at Lai Kai Company C 1st Bn 16th Inf 1st Inf Div. I was in charge of the LP along the river when we heard the enemy. We fired our claymores and M-16’s. That set off the battle at fire support Cudgel. I see on the web site that the name and legend of Bandidi Charlie lives on.
  126. Maloof, Raymond E.
  127. Manza, Brian – Binh Phuoc – 1/68 – 9/68
    PO Box 78
    Baileyville, Maine 04694
  128. Marr, Samuel E. – Binh Phuoc – 3/68-2/69
    3433 Dove Lane
    Gastonia, NC 28056
  129. Matney,Larry D. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – Binh Phuoc
    8/69 – 10/70
    Ocean Springs MS
    [email protected]
  130. Mayville, Ronald James – 3rd Platoon – 08/67 – 08/68
    5248 Brown Road
    Adams, New York 13605
    cell – 315-345-2445
    [email protected]
  131. Mc Aloon, Patrick C. – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien, Long An – 1/69 – 1/70
    Daniel T. Roy
    8304 Stonwall Dr.
    Vienna, VA 22180
    [email protected]
  132. McClean Michael Anthony “Cowboy” – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 68-69
    4491 South El Pomar
    Templeton, California 93465
    [email protected]
    Can you help me fine the men that were wounded or K.I.A from Charlie company on March 14th, 1969. The bush I pooped on one of my own platoon. It’s time to make (Amends) Thanks.  Cowboy!!
  133. McConnell, Robert H.- 1st Platoon – 10/68 – 6/69
    1206 Georgia Street
    Vallejo, CA 94590
    [email protected]
  134. McDill, Sager – Dong Tam – 12/66 -11/67
    451 Filmore Drive
    Verona PA 15147
    [email protected]
    Welcome Home Bandidos !!.
    Looking for 2nd Platoon Bandidos 1967. 

  135. McDonald Charles E “Mac” – 1st Sergeant – Dong Tam – 6/67 – 6/68
    106 Tidewater Drive
    Bradenton, FL 34210
    [email protected]
    USA Army Ret. I was 1st Sergeant to Lt Larry Garner.
  136. McManigle, Wally – 10/69-11/70
    [email protected]

  137. Mileski, James E. – Dong Tam – 12/66 – 8/67
    12 Arbor Court
    Yardville NJ 08620
    [email protected]
    One of the Original Bandido’s.
  138. Miller, Larry  – 1st Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 3/68-10/68
  139. Miller, Richard L. – Lai Khe – Dong Tam – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 4/69
    724 Delta Avenue #19
    Cinti, OH 45226
    [email protected]
    The memories of the times are burned into the heart even as the mind grows cloudy.
  140. Mintz, Jim – Rach Kien – 7/69 – 6/70
    [email protected]
    I came to the 5/60th after one month with the 3/60th. I have been back to Rach Kien during a trip to a wedding in Vinh Long a few years back. Still HOT! We were told that all the US built buildings were tore down in < 1 hour after the troops pulled out to take the materials. I have enjoyed talking to several of you guys since I found this site. Thanks for the web site efforts. .
  141. Mitchell, John D. – Medic
  142. Morris, Charles E. – Rach Kien – 1/69 – 2/70
    318 Haynie Mill Road
    Belton, SC 29627
    [email protected]
    Looking for info or to hear from Bob Mancil and Bob McClenahan or anyone who fought with me.
  143. Murphy, James R. – Dong Tam, Bear Cat, Benewah – 4/67- 9/67
    710 W. Elizabeth St.
    Kouts, IN 46383
    [email protected]
  144. Nall, James O. – 1st Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 8/67 – 1/68
    1208 East 127th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90059
    [email protected]
    Charlie Company 5th/60th 9th Inf Div. 18Nov67 at a battle at support base Cudgel, northwest of Cai Lay, I received the Bronze Star “V” and Purple Heart.
  145. Neild, Frank  – Lt. – F.O. – 11/67-9/68
    2nd/4th Arty FO
  146. Newby, Terrell C.  – Tan An – 09/67-09/68
    8106 – 204th Avenue Court East
    Bonney Lake, Washington 98390
    [email protected]
    I would like data on the TET ’68 attack when I was OD for HQS. Is there an After Action Report, roster of assignments, etc.?
  147. Niver, Gary. – Binh Phuoc – 2/68- 9/68
    3171 Abbottsford Road.
    Clyde MI 48049
    [email protected]
  148. O’Dell, Gerald F.  – Lai Kai- 10/68 – 10/69
    1910 Tabor Road
    Gadsden, AL 35904
    [email protected]
    Originally had orders for Charlie Co., 5th of the 60th, 9th Inf. Div., few days later moved to C. Co., 1st, 16th, 1st Inf. Div.
  149. Palmer, Anthony, B. – Dong Tam, Binh Phouc – 05/67-05/68
    2901 S. 510 Rd
    Miami, OK 74354
    [email protected]
    Was in Mortar Platoon. Served under the Original Bandido Charlie, Lt. Larry Garner.  Was a Bandido Charlie from May 1967 to May 1968. Drove C-42 “Wild Thing”.  Guys I knew, Lee Hunter, Darrell Welch, Rocky Susshine, Leo Linder, Lou Carilli.
  150. Parrish, Cecil Wayne – 4th Platoon – 09/1967-05/1968
    Charles A. Stovall Lynwood Norwood
    2272 NC Highway 56 E
    Louisburg, NC 27549
    [email protected]
  151. Patterson, Stanley E.. – Rach Kien – 2/69 – 2/70
    7810 Idyle Wild Rd
    DuQuoin, IL 62832
    [email protected]
    Served in Charlie Co 2/69-4/69, then went to Echo Co. SSG.
  152. Peluso, Tom J. – Mortar Platoon – Rach Kien – 6/68 – 6/69
    [email protected]
    Served under Sgt. Kent.
  153. Perez, Joe A. – Rach Kien – 6/68 – 6/69
    510 Horseshoe Way Loop
    Cleveland, TX 77328
    [email protected]
  154. Poe, Bobby G. – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 6/69
    PO Box 471
    Jasper, TN 37347
    cell – 423-838-2469
  155. Polancih, Daniel M.. – Dong Tam – Binh Phouc – 12/66 – 12/67
    2329 Peacock Road
    Wellston, MI 49689
    [email protected]
    I served directly under LT. Larry A. Garner. Very surprised to see such a fantastic website.
  156. Poris, Clifford L. – Binh Phuoc – 8/68 – 10/68
    2253 SW Edison Circle
    Port St. Lucie, FL 34953
    [email protected]
  157. Posey, Ronnie D. – Mortars – Rach Kien – 2/69 – 3/70
    1917 Darbyshire Drive
    Defiance, OH 43512
  158. Pounders, Richard D. – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 8/69
    6413 Newman Circle W.
    Lakeland, FL 33811
    [email protected]
  159. Prance, Norman – 3rd Platoon R.T.O. – Rach Kien – 9/68-6/69
    2505 E. Bradford Avenue # 2302
    Milwaukee WI 53211
    Norman came to the 5th/60th from the 1st/16th, 1st ID in 9/68. He served initially as an RTO in 3rd Platoon. Later he served both as Company and Battalion RTOs. Returning to Wisconsin, Norman became a law professor. A major stroke suffered 20 years ago has left Norman with some communications problems. Nevertheless, he would love to connect with anyone who remembers him from Vietnam. Contact Norman through Bob Cooper listed above. Submitted on Norman’s behalf by Metz, 5th/60th Secretary.

    12/27/2007 — Norman’s sister, Betty Burns and his niece, Meredith O’Leary, have each made a donation to the 5th/60th Association fund in Norman’s honor.
  160. Proffitt, Arlen H. “Butch” – Rach Kien – 5-69 to 4-70
    General Delivery
    Hutchinson, Kansas 67501-9999
    [email protected]
    I served with The 2nd squad and carried the M-79 grenade launcher.
  161. Raczkowski, Wayne A. – Dong Tam – Binh Phouc – Tan An South – 8-67 to 6-68
    18 Joy Drive
    Loudonville New York 12211
    [email protected]
    I served with Charlie Company then transfered to Recon.
  162. Reed Gary L. – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 8/69
    3980 Williamsburg Bantam Road
    Batavia, OH 45103-9409
  163. Reelitz, Daniel N.  – Rach Kien – 1LT. – 3rd Platoon – 8/69-11/69
    [email protected]
    3rd Platoon. Leader – Wounded and medivac Thanksgiving Day 1969.  I would like to hear from platoon members.
  164. Reust, Ronald  – 1st Platoon – Dong Tam – 12/66-07/67
    4676 Bryenton
    Litchfield, Ohio 44253
    [email protected]
    Stationed at Tan Hiep airstrip.  Moved to Dong Tam.  Last engagement was Dinh Thuong operation in July 1967.  Awarded Purple Heart with 2 Oak leaf clusters.  First platoon third squad was the greatest!
  165. Rice, Duane Dick – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 9/69
    S. 64 W. 18591 Topaz Drive
    Muskego, WI 53150
    [email protected]
    Rach Kien 68-69.

  166. Roberts, James E. – CO – Dong Tam – 6/69 – 7/70
    337 Margette Way
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402
    [email protected]
    C Co CO, S5, S3 Air
  167. Roberts, William Tyrone Sr. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 3/69
    When I went to Vietnam it was like another world, (people, climate, and food, etc.) I was a Charlie Ranger and got hurt in the line of fire in Saigon and was sent to Japan for 2 months before being sent back to Vietnam.
  168. Robinette, James E. – Rach Kien – 3/70 – 9/70
    50886 Nature Drive
    Chesterfield Twp., MI 48047
    [email protected]
  169. Robinson, Richard Earl – 1st Platoon – Rach Kien – 9/68 – 7/69
    1202 Toney School Road
    Toney, AL 35773
    [email protected]
    Alive and hanging on.
  170. Rogers, Robert D. (Skip) – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 8/69
    224 Rogers Drive
    Whitwell, TN 37397
  171. Rognes, Dennis C. – 3rd Platoon – Rach Kien – 10/68-8/69
    Jay D. Rumsey James P. Riggins  Theophilus Bowles
    45152 Hwy 69
    Lake Mills, Iowa 50450
    [email protected]
    I carried ammo for Rasa and then RTO for Chapman, Riggins and Bridges. I became company clerk and have a calendar with dates of all WIA and KIA for Charlie company Nov 68 thru July 69. Had my son’s class do tracings of over 20 of our brother’s names at the WALL while on a trip to DC in 2000. I will never forget my Vietnam Brothers. Peace and Grace to all of you  
  172. Rohe, David  – 1st Platoon Track Driver – Binh Phuoc – 10/67-10/68

  173. Rudes, Tennence R. – Mortars – S3 – Dong Tam, FB Moore, Rach Kien – 8/68 – 7/69
    216 Adams Street
    Port Clinton, OH 43452
    [email protected] 
    Assigned to C Co. 1/16th 1st Inf Div. 2nd Platoon Leader. Had patrols around Lia Khe.  Moved to 5/60th at Dong Tam and patrolled of there and Fire Base Moore until unit moved to Rach Kein.  Served under Capt Goss, great guy.  RIP. 1/1969 assigned to Bde. S-3 and wrote Bde. history every day.  3/1969 transferred back to Rach Kein as Plt. Ldr. 4.2 mortar platoon.  When Nixon started withdrawal, I was a short timer and was transfered to 3/60th Riverine for withdrawal and parades in Seattle and Tacoma.  Remember when the Div ammo dump was blown up and a time when A company had helicopter shot down on insertion to a doughnut.  I was wounded in that one.  I’d love to hear from anyone who remembers me and share memories. Real great group of soldiers all.

  174. Rufenacht, Kenneth Lester – Binh Phuoc – 8/67 – 1/68
    937 SE 671
    Deepwater, MO 64740-9689
    [email protected]
    I also served with Alpha Co 3/47, 3rd Plt. 1/67 – 6/67.

  175. Russell, Thomas A. – Company Commander
  176. Santillon, Luis  – 10/67-10/68
    6001 Buckingham Drive
    Bensalem, PA 19020
    [email protected]
  177. Sassano, Joseph L. – Rach Kien – 3/69 – 3/70
    609 South Liberty Avenue
    Endicott, NY 13760
    [email protected]
    Welcome home bro.
  178. Schiappa, Dario R. (Rick). – Binh Phuoc – 4/68 – 4/69
    28 Riverview Avenue
    Binghamton NY 13904
    [email protected]
    Nickname: Rick Would like to know if anyone remembers serving with me, especially under Capt. Scarborough; Participated in May Offensive (‘Y’ Bridge, Cholon Market). I served with Bandido Charlie as a rifleman, M-60 gunner and M-79 thumper. I rode the PC using the 50. Caliber. I became a track driver (my track was called “Sturm Abteilung”), became an RTO for Charlie 6 and participated in May (Mini-Tet) Offensive and Counter Offensive. I transfered from 5/60, 9thID to 1/16, 1stID
    Long Live Los Bandidos!!.
  179. Schmitt, Pat – Medic – Dong Tam – 10/67-11/67
    18075 County Road # 367
    Buena Vista, CO 81211
    [email protected]
    Served as a medic with C/5/60 in Dong Tam. When C/5/60 moved to Binh Phuoc I was shifted to C/3/60.
  180. Shalberg, John – Binh Phuoc – 10/67 – 12/67
    1402 Caves Camp Road
    Williams, OR 97544
    My nickname was “Crazy”. I’m looking for Willie Eatmon
  181. Shiparski, Wayne  – 67-68
  182. Simmons, Jeffrey J.  – 1/69 – 1/70
    20 Church Street
    Lee, MA 01238
    [email protected]
  183. Smith, Jimmy L. – HHC Medic – Rach Kein – 9/69

  184. 2405 S. 4th Street
    Effingham, IL 62401
    [email protected]
    Medic assigned to Charlie Co. September, 1969, WIA 9-28-69.
  185. Sparaco, Anthony (Tony) – Rach Kein – 9/68 – 4/69
    Warren J. Goss Dennis A. Holzheimer  James P. Riggins 
    Theophilus Bowles In Honor of all who served in the 5th Bn 60th Inf 9th Inf Div.
    7 Beryl Lane
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    [email protected]
    Arrived RVN July, 1968. Assigned to Charlie Co. 1st/16th, 1st Inf. Div. In September 1968 our battalion became 5th/60th, 9th Inf. Div. Went to Dong Tam and then to Rach Kein. I was a rifleman and then became an RTO for Captain Goss. I was wounded 2/14/69 by an incoming mortar round in basecamp at Rach Kein. I was wounded again (chi-com granade)on 3/11/69 as an RTO carrying a radio for Captain Gober. I was hospitalized in RVN until 4/69 and then hospitalized in Okinawa until 5/69. Separated from the Army from Fort Dix, NJ 2/18/70.
  186. Sprenkel, Jeffrey L. – Rach Kien – 11/68 – 3/69
    64 Meadowview Drive
    Dover PA 17315-3078
    [email protected]
    Sgt Denker taught me how to be a point man but I didn’t spend enough time there due to friendly fire…Wounded 3/14…I think about you guys a lot.
  187. Spivey, Forrest  – 1st Platoon – Binh Phuoc – 1/68-1/69
  188. Springer, Johnnie L. – Binh Phuoc – 9/67-9/68
    690 Ludy Road
    Converse, LA 71419-3156
  189. Staubus, Donald R. – Rach Kien – 9/69-3/70
    89 Barger Lane
    Mt Solon VA 22843
  190. Stewart, Harry E. – Rach Kien – 9/68-6/69
    9102 8th Avenue
    Inglewood CA 90305
  191. Stull, Terry G. – Commanding Officer – Binh Phouc – 4/70-10/70
    in Honor of Charlie Rangers
    694 Rocky Woods Cove
    Cordova, TN 38018
    [email protected]
  192. Suggs, Steven A. – 3rd Plt – Rach Kien – 1968 – 1970
  193. Sullivan, David S. – 3rd Plt – 3/69 – 6/69 – Rach Kien
    6748 Delong Landing Cir
    Anchorage, Alaska 99502
    [email protected]
    Thank you, Tony Sparaco, for enlightening me to this organization. It’s great to see names I remember, and had the honor to serve with and would enjoy hearing from yawl!
  194. Susshine, Rocky Frank – 3rd Platoon – 4th Platoon – 68-69
    2124 Cass St
    Sarasota, Florida 34231
    [email protected]
    First there was 3rd. platoon… carried the 30cal.  Then mec. unit 4th platoon  forward observer.  Sgt. Price was my First sgt.  What ever happened to Galino, Tony  and Pinapple we used to box together back at bass camp.  I would take on all comers from artillery.  My company would always bet on me.   Things are different now. That was a good time.  See ya. Rocky
  195. Taylor, Charlie  – Executive Officer – Commanding Officer – 6/67-6/68
    Larry A. Garner
    [email protected]
    Charlie Co Platoon Ldr, XO, CO

  196. Taylor, Edward M. – Rach Kien – 5/69-4/70 – Sgt
    1042 Chapel Creek Trail
    Enter Your City, New Albany, IN 47150
    [email protected]
  197. Te Slaa, Norman – Rach Kien – 12/68 – 12/69
    8700 W. Dakota Ave.
    Lakewood, CO 80226
    [email protected]
  198. Tirreno, Lawrence – 2nd Plt – Dong Tam – 12/66 – 7/67
    137 Riverside Avenue
    Westport, CT 06880-4605
    [email protected]
    Original member of Bandido Charlie, formed when Lt. Garner converted us to Cavalry.

  199. Treguboff, Michael J. – Rach Kien – 12/68 – 8/69
    361 Nevis Street.
    Morro Bay Ca 93442
    [email protected]
  200. Trussell, Neil – Rach Kien – 12/68 – 3/69
    110 Tulip Tree Trail
    Estill Springs TN 37330
    I received a Bronze Star the same day Sgt Tom Tepper received his Silver Star. I was wounded in the Plain of Reeds in March 1969.
  201. Vertrees, Gary P. – Binh Phuoc – 1/68 – 1/69
    7703 1/2 60th Street East
    Puyallup WA 98371
    [email protected]
  202. Volin, Mark R. – Rocky Kilo – 2/70 – 6/70
    [email protected]
    Hey Go-Devils Check out my pictures on the “Photos” page.Anybody recognize anybody else? I was in C company starting Feb. 10th, 1970. Went into Cambodia in May. Went to the hospital in June (Cam Rahn Bay). Released from the hospital in Sept. and the 9th was GONE. The Army then sent me to the 7th Cavalry. Questions ? Comments?  

  203. Wade, Michael B. – Rach Kien – Mortars – 3/68 – 3/69
    [email protected]
  204. Wagner, Harry C. – Binh Phuoc – Lia Khe – 3/68 – 3/69
    2020 Ezekiel Avenue
    Zion, IL 60099
    [email protected]
    I carried the radio and rode on Lanny Jones’s track.

  205. Waldo, James R. – Forward Observer – Rach Kien, Binh Phuoc, Shakey’s Hill –
    10/69 – 9/70
    1100 Tedford Way
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
    Robert J. Carnaghi
    [email protected]
    I was Charlie Company’s forward observer in 1969-1970. Although I have lost contact with almost everyone, I believe that you take some part of those to whom you were close with you…and there is still a lot of “Eight Charlie” left in me. What a great service this web site is.

  206. Walker, Arthur I. III – 1St Platoon, SSG – Lai Khe – Dong Tam – Rach Kien – 7/68 – 7/69
    4008 Salmon Drive
    Orlando, FL 32835
    [email protected]
    While with the 1st Inf Div, Capt Goss replaced our wounded CO. Capt Goss was an exceptional leader and Charlie company was fortunate to have him for five months. Thru these many years, he has been my strongest memory of VN. I returned home with the first unit to be withdrawn. After completing college, I joined the Navy and as an Ensign onboard the USS Cochrane DDG-21, returned to VietNam in April 1975 to participate in the largest helicopter evacuation in history, evacuating the remaining military, civilian, and embassy personnel from Saigon. In 1991, as a Commander, I retired fom the Navy and opened a real estate and mortgage brokerage business in Orlando, Florida.

  207. Wells, Henry – 3rd Platoon – Dong Tam – 05/66-11/67
    In Memory of the 5/60
    8 Beech Street
    Belleville, NJ 07109
    [email protected]
    Squad leader 1st squad/ 3rd platoon
  208. Wesley, Donald – 2nd Plt – Rach Kien – 10/68 – 10/69
    [email protected]
  209. West, Richard J. – 2nd Platoon – Bear Cat, Dong Tam – 12/66 to 07/67
    [email protected]
  210. White, Chuck  – E5 – 2nd Platoon – Rach Kien – 07/69-09/69
    Sergeant E5 squad leader with 3/47th (Mobile Riverine Force) at Tiger Lair from 05/69 to 6/69.  Sent to C Co.2nd Platoon 5/60th at Rach Kien.  Was squad leader there also from 7/69 to 09/15/69 when wounded and shipped stateside.
  211. Williams, Lewis M. – Tan-Ann – 10/16/67-02/13/68
    1190 Duchess Dr.
    Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
    [email protected]
  212. Winslow, Wendelin W. “Wendy”  – Capt. – Commanding Officer – Binh Phuoc – 05/68-11/68
    4166 Governor Yeardley Lane
    City of Fairfax, Virginia 22030
    [email protected]
    I was the Charlie Company Commander (“Bandido 6”) from early May of 1968 until November 1968.  Please note that the Battalion changed designation in September of 1968 to the 1/16th Infantry (The “Iron Rangers”) and after our Battalion road march thru Saigon ended up in Lai Kai, northwest of Saigon and became part of the 1st Infantry Division.  But, I think like most of us we are very loyal and proud of our association with the 9th Infantry Division.  It was a great fighting Infantry Division and came out of Viet Nam with an outstanding reputation.  I am very proud to join up with this very special “band of brothers”.
  213. Woods, Leo E. – Rach Kien-Binh Phouc – 12/69-06/70
    2737 Hwy 13
    Ryan, Ia 52330-8540
    [email protected]

  214. Ybanez, Fred  – Binh Phuoc – 5/67 – 8/67 and 11/69 – 5/70
    4 Wyatt Earp Drive
    Belton TX 76513
    [email protected]
    Would like to hear from anyone who has made a trip back to Binh Phuoc,Vietnam. I am thinking about returning to visit Binh Phuoc. Need advice and recommendations.