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Associate Members

  1. Adams, Linda C.(nee Schmidt)Adams
    24 Bolivar Street
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
    [email protected]
    I am looking for anyone who served with my Uncle Ronald B. Bishop, Staff Sgt. He was killed in action 9/17/1969 near Doug Tam. He was attached to the following: A Company, 3rd Platoon, 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Division. I would just like to hear some stories about him from someone who knew him and was stationed with him during his service.
  2.  Ambrozy, Raymond E.  – C/3/60 2/67 – 2/68 
    7366 Menge
    Center Line MI 48015
    [email protected]
    Arrived in country Jan 1967 and assigned to 9th Div. Charlie 3/60. Moved to Binh Phuoc before the base camp was built and lived in a rice paddy until the barracks were complete. Remember when the monsoon started we couldn't move any vehicles because of the mud. Carried M-79 until I became deuce 1/2 (HQ-41) driver and was blown up Oct. 31, 67 returning from USO show w/Martha Ray at Dong Tam. Moved to the LST 1146 Washtenaw County when they switched C 3/60 and C 5/60 back to respective btn. Would be interested in hearing from any of the original group C 3/60 that arrived at Binh Phuoc when I did. Recognized name Rocky Susshine on your roster was there when he was, have pics of him with Buddy our dog and in boxing pose in front of barracks. Don't know what happened to Randy Nalewagen, unsure of last name spelling (Pineapple), I do remember that Tony Galino drowned while crossing a river. Also have picture of him bathing in a creek not long after we arrived at Binh Phuoc.
  3.  Ayres, Dean W.  – Co E 709th Maint Co B 709th Maint & 99th Combat support Bn Co. B- Dong Tam, Tan An , Ben Luc – 5/69-6/70
    P.O.Box 96
    Phoenix, Maryland 21131
    410-527-1204 Home
    410-628-7306 Work
    Good to be with The Bn. that my brother served in.  I was also at Binh Phuoc many times my self.  I was also glad to serv. with the 9th Div.
    Web Page – 709th Maintenance Battalion
  4. Ball, Jim MACV – IV Corp ARVN Advisor 8/67 – 8/68
    5100 SW 170th Avenue
    Southwest Ranches,FL 33331-1240
    [email protected]
  5. Bermudez, Freddy  – C Company, 2nd/47th Infantry – 4/67 – 5/68 
    176 Rosecroft Drive
    Rochester NY 14616

  6. Burt, Bessie
    201 2nd Avenue
    Meyersdale,Pa. 15552
    [email protected]
    Proud to be associate of the 5/60 

  7. Burt , Philip L.
    Harold L. Burt
    201 2nd Avenue
    Meyersdale,Pa. 15552
    [email protected]
    My Uncle, Harold, is a veteran of the 5th/60th.(Charlie Co 68-69)
    I attended the 5th/60th reunion in St Louis in June 2006 and the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington.
  8.  Chamberlain, Rachel (Hensley)  – Daughter of Charlie Edward Hensley Died 1980
  9.  Cole, Mark  – Son-In-Law of Roy Guillen
    1739 Rob Roy
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    [email protected]
    My father-in-law, Roy Guillen, was in the 5th Battalion Charlie Company from September 66 to October 67.
  10.  Connelly, John M. Jr. – Son of John M.Connelly Sr. FO – RTO 1968-1969
    7966 Jack Williams Road
    Wilmer AL 36587
    [email protected]
    Looking for anyone who knew my dad,.John Michael Connelly Sr. He was an RTO, hung around John Jasper…he transfered from the arty to the field as soon as he got there…he was pictured in an FO group called The Nasties.. he has severe alzheimers now.
  11. Costich, Kenneth J. II  – Commanding Officer Bandido Charlie 1st/16th Infantry, Lai Khe
    4500 N Quartz Hill Drive
    Tucson, AZ 85750
    [email protected]
    While I served with Bandido Charlie, C/1/16 INF, 1st INF Division, I am extremely proud of the heritage brought north by the men of the 5th/60th Infantry. The legacy of 1LT Larry Garner, C/5/60, and the legend he created as the "Original Bandido" could not be greater. Many of the great soldiers I commanded were originally with C/5/60.
  12. Evans, Thamas W. Jr. – Son of Thomas Evans, Bravo Co 2/68-3/68
    286 Birch Drive
    Beaufort,SC 29906
    [email protected]
  13. Fischer, Robert F.  – Dong Tam – HHC & Band, DISCOM
    [email protected]
    I spent January through July 1969 playing trumpet with the 9th Infantry Division Band.
  14. Flores, David A. 
    91 De Fontenelle Street
    Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
    [email protected]
    I am joining on behalf of my brother Richard J. Flores who was KIA on May 10, 1968 while serving in Bandido Charlie Charlie Co. 5/60th (mech) 
  15. Flores, Jose L. – Father of Richard J. Flores – KIA 5/10/68 – Charlie Co.
    910 Euclid Avenue #16
    National City CA 91950
    [email protected]
    I am sending a donation in memory of my son, Richard J. Flores, who died in action at the Y bridge on May 10, 1968, and for all his buddies that perished along with him on that fateful day. I appreciate very much all the information furnished about the Association in your web page..
     Richard J. Flores

  16. Freeze, Kmiberly Anne – 
    5143 East Summit
    Muskegon, MI 49444
    [email protected]
    I am trying to learn about my deceased grandfather we met only 3 years ago and he passed in 2002 his name Billy Dee Howard – Vietnam 1963

  17. Goss, Warren J. Jr. 
    1024 Mallard Pointe Drive
    Cedar Hill, Tx 75104
    Son of Warren Goss Sr, Charlie Co CO, KIA 12/6/68
  18. Graziano, Antonio  – Son of Joseph Graziano
    Fort Inwin, CA 92310
    [email protected]
  19. Greenwell, Phillip J. – Lai Khe – Bandido Charlie
    109 Adams Lane
    Lexington, Kentucky 40511
    [email protected]
  20.  Hatch, Robert P.  – A Company, 3/39th – 02/67-06/68 – for David Ramsey Tibbetts,
    Bravo Co. KIA 8/18/69

  21. Haught, Terry
    168 Wisteria Lane
    Fairview, WV 26570
    [email protected]
    I am joining on behalf of my brother, Gary Lee Haught. Gary served in Headquarters 3rd Brigade as a Spec-5 helicopter door gunner. Gary was KIA along with 3rd Brigade Commander Dale Crittenberger and 5th/60th Battalion Commander Lt Col Leo Sikorski when two helicopters collided on 9/17/69. Gary was stationed in Dong Tam. Thanks for remembering those who served, those who returned, and those who didn't.
    Love you guys! Terry Haught (sister) and Patty Haught (sister-in-law). 
  22. Herrera, Alfredo G.. II  – 1st Sergeant Company C 1st/16th Infantry, Lai Khe
    22625 SW Riggs Road
    Beaverton, OR 97007
    [email protected]
    Secretary of the Bandido Charlie Association.

  23.  Hetzel, Kimberly E.
    45 High Point Lane
    Wheeling, WV 26003
    [email protected]
    Proud daughter of John McAlarney who served with Alpha Co. (12/68-1/70). 
  24. Holland, David – cousin of Charles Ralph Holland, Alpha Co KIA 12/19/67 
    123 Puppy Lane
    White Bluff, TN 37187
    [email protected]
    I am a cousin of Charles Ralph Holland.  His tour begin 12/01/67, casuality date 12/19/67 in Long An. From what information I have he served in 5/60 Bravo Company.
    Me and my brother have been researching Charles for a while. We were hoping to get a copy of his units picture. Charles was never married and had no children.
  25. Houben, David – nephew of Al Jones, HHC CO Died 1967 
    Al Jones 
    327 Priest Hill Road
    Vassalboro, ME 04989
    [email protected]
    I am the nephew of Al Jones who served in Headquarters & Headquaters Company- 1967. A special thanks to Jerry Brewer and Harvey Shapiro for their friendships with Al. I am proud of my Uncle for the way he lived his too short life and for the way he served the USA. Also, I"m very grateful to so many others of you who have served with courage, honor and integrity. 

  26. James, Becky (Taylor) – Daughter of Glenn Dean Taylor 10/67 – KIA 2/1/68 – Bravo Co.
    Glenn Dean Taylor
    [email protected]

  27. Johnson, Derrick
    6904 Youngberry Drive
    Indianapolis IN 46217
    [email protected]
    Joining to honor my Uncle Nicholas Gerald Johnson who was KIA on 08/13/1970. He was a part of the Charlie Rangers 5/60th Inf. 9th ID. He was killed in Binh Duong Province (Hobo Woods). I Would love to hear from anyone that knew him.
  28. Kizorek, David
    24124 W. Commercial Street
    Plainfield IL 60544
    [email protected]
    My father in law served 68-69 Charlie Bandido 2nd platoon, 5th battalion, 6th Infantry, 9th Division Mechanized. He was awarded two purple hearts. I am looking to help him rebuild his past, so if anyone knew him or can send me any information, please send it to me and I will relay to him. Thank you.
  29. Khawam, Sandra L.
    LTC Leo P. Sikorski
    With pride and in loving memory of my father
    10282 N. Cape Fear Lane
    Tucson AZ 85737
    [email protected]
    My father, Lt. Col. Leo P. Sikorski, served two tours of duty in Viet Nam –the first in 1963, and he was KIA during the second (May – Sept. 17, 1969). Since I was 12 when he died, I don't know very much about his life in Viet Nam, but want to honor and remember him for myself and my children. Thank you. 
  30. Lambert, John A.
    1723 Meadowcliff Drive
    Wichita Falls TX 76302-4811
    [email protected]
    I am the younger brother of Steve Nathaniel Lambert of Bravo Co. 5/60. I served 26 years in the United States Air Force and retired as an E-9. I was in my Air Force basic training when Steve was KIA on Feb. 7, 1968 near My Tho. I sincerely appreciate sites and organizations such as yours because they give information and visuals (photos) about my brothers experience that I could not get any other way. It provides a sense of closure and in a small way a sense of what my brother and all of you experienced and endured during your time in Vietnam. I am proud of my brother and his service and sacrifice to his country, just as I am proud of all of you for your service and sacrifice. I will never forget. John Lambert, CMsgt USAF (Ret)
  31. Lash, Rick
    115 Franklin Street
    Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916
    Classmate of 2LT Gordon Hughes, Charlie Compmany, 5th of the 60th (M).
    Casualty on 25 Feb 1968, perhaps at FSB Jaeger.
    I am interested in anyone who might have known him, or has information about the engagement.
  32. Lewis, Maddy & Bill
    Sister and Brother-In-Law of Teddy Erickson, Bravo Company Association Member

  33. Lozada, Carlos R..
    2211 Turf Club Drive
    Arlington TX 76017

    [email protected]
    Son of Carlos J. Lozada who was a mortarman with HHC and was in Vietnam Sept 67-68.
  34. Lash, Rick
  35. Mackedanz, Ronald, W. – Lia Khe – Charlie Co. 2nd plt. – Lia Khe – 10/68-10/69
    9705 37th Ave. SE.
    Kandiyohi, Mn. 56251
    (320) 382-6649
    [email protected]
    I served with Bandido Charlie after it had moved up to the 1st Inf. Div. Thanks to the guys in the 5th of the 60th, we had a legacy to live up to. We did so, proudly. We did our part to carry on the name "Bandido Charlie" and I think that whether you served with the 9th Div. or the 1st Div. being part of Bandido Charlie is really where it is all at.
  36. Mansir, Leslie E. – 1Lt – Ft Sill OK.
    [email protected]
    I was hoping that someone could help me locate the after action report of point me in the right direction concerning an action that took place between a US mech infantry company and 2 battalions of VA? It was a Avery one-sided action. The NVA lost 300+ and the US forces 4 or 5! I learned of this action from our company supply sergeant while in training in 1968. I found the after action report in an online source a couple of years ago, but a computer meltdown erased all of my information including this report. I am writing about mech infantry operations in Vietnam and would like to include this action if I can locate information about the action. I was commissioned Field Artillery, but spent my entire time in "leg-infantry." I never served with a battery after I left Ft. Sill. I appreciate any help that you can give me. Regards, Leslie
    Webmasters note: I spoke with Leslie and sent him the after action report from Firebase Jaeger, which was the engagement in which he was interested. He would be happy to hear from others.

  37. Martin, Greg. – Son of David P. Martin Bravo Co 12./66 – 4/67
    [email protected]
    My father is Martin, David P. – Bearcat – Binh Phuoc – 12/66 – 4/67
    He received a near fatal head wound from a mortar round hitting a track in April of 1967 and never returned to B Co. 
  38. Martinez, Servano Jr. – Cousin of Robert Roiz – Charlie Co 68-69 (Deceased)
    222 W. Val Verde Street
    Crystal City, TX 78839
    I am the cousin of Robert Roiz Jr. He served with the 5th/60th in 68/69.
    McHenry, Herbert A Jr. – Bandido Charlie Co.1/16th Big Red One-Lai Khe-6/69 -3/70
  39. Herbert McHenry
    403 Summit St.
    Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
    Member of Bandido Charlie Company, First Infantry Div. Big Red One. an affliate of Bandido Charlie, 5/60th when moved from the 9th Infantry Div to the First Infantry Div.
  40. Mezek, Daniel E. – Son of Tom Merzek (1946 – 1982) Bravo Co Medic 66-67
    20018 65th Ave E
    Spanaway WA 98387
    [email protected]
    My dad, Tom Mezek (1946-1982), was a evac trac (snoopy trac) medic with Bravo '66-'67. There's too many to list by name but my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all for making our family feel at home, and a part of, Bravo Co.
  41. Miller, John U. Sr. – 8th Security Police Squadron – Kunsan AB, S Korea 1973-1974 – 03/24/1972-03/23/1976 and 04/13/1977
    502 Elmhurst Place
    New Whiteland, IN 46184-1205
    [email protected]
    From 1972 – 1976 I was stationed at the following base:
    Lackland AFB – 1972
    Basic Training
    Law Enforcement Training
    Patrol Dog Handler Course
    McClelland AFB 1972-1973
    2852nd Security Police Squadron
    Kunsan AB S Korea 1973-1974
    Chanute AFB 1974-1976
    Civilian 1976-1977
    Re-enlisted 04/13/1977
    Keeseler AFB Ms 1977-1977
    Basic Electronics School
    Aircraft Control & Warning Radar Repairman Wright Patterson AFB 1977-1980
    2046 Communication Installation Group
    Keesler AFB 1979-1980
    AN/TPS 43E Tactical Radar School
    Bremerhaven Carl Shulz Kacerne
    626 Tactical Control Flight 1980-1983
    Holloman AFB NM 1984-1984
    Discharged medically 06/1984
    1984-Present Civilian
  42. Palmer, Melisa A. – wife of Tony Palmer, Charlie Co. 
    2901 South 510 Road
    Miami OK 74354
    [email protected]
    I am joining in honor and utmost respect for my husband, Tony palmer. He was an "Original Bandido". He served under Lt Larry Garner.

  43. Parrish, Jacob W. – son of C. Wayne Parrish, Charlie Co. Association Member.
    3993 III-3 Sterling Pointe Dr
    Winterville, NC 28590
    [email protected]
    My father C. Wayne Parrish served Bandido Charlie Company, 5th Bat., 60th Inf (Sept 67 – 68)

  44. Pippin, Patrick – Brother of Mike Pippin Bravo Co 69 – 70
    204 Sante Fe Drive #2006
    Irving, TX 75063
    [email protected]
    My brother served in Bravo Company 69-70. It is an honor to become an associate member.
  45. Quenga, Johnny R. (SFC Retired) – Son of SSG Johnny C. Quenga, Bravo Co KIA 6/25/67
    7078 N San Pablo Ave
    Fresno, CA 93650
    [email protected]
    My father was PSG Johnny C Quenga. If anyone has any stories, info or pictures of him I would like to hear from you.
  46. Rebholz, Ray – 9/68-10/68
    4 Beechwood Rd
    Ho Ho Kus, N.J. 07423
    Looking for info, my cousin 2lt. John Reilly,kia;10/23/68, in Tay Ninh.  Does anyone remember him? He has a daughter he never met and she would like info from anyone who remembers him.  Thanks.  I was with Cav. in An Khe 66-67.  Welcome home!!

  47. Rhamy, Sandy – Niece of Raymond Rhamy, Bravo Co KIA 6/25/67
    121 S Howerton Avenue
    Cushing, OK 74023-4104
    918-306-4330 or 918-306-2480
    [email protected]
    I would like to know all the men that knew my uncle. He was in the 5th/60th from 4/67 to 6/67.
    He was KIA on the track with Sgt Johnny Quenga..
  48. Riggins, Richard A.  – brother of Sgt. James Patrick Riggins, Charlie Co KIA 1/25/69
    676 Edgewater Isle
    San Benito, Texas 78586
    [email protected]
    My brother Sgt. James Patrick Riggins was in Charlie Co. 5/60 of the ninth.  He was killed in action on Jan. 25, 1969.  I served in Carrier Airborn Early Warning Squadron 13 (VAW 13) from 1965 to 1967.  Our family is very proud of Jim.  He has a school named after him in Los Fresnos, Texas.
  49.  Rose, Robert  – 542nd Medical – 10/65-10/66
    All Vietnam Vets All 5th/60th Guys All 5th/60th KIAs 
    290 East Main Street #2
    Torrington CT 06790 
    [email protected]

  50. Santos, Roke  Borja – Bravo Company, 2/60 – Long An, Tan Tru, Mekong Delta – 1/69- 5/24/69
    10015 Laurie Place
    Fairfax, Virginia 22031
    Looking for the following comrades: Richard O. Knevals, Jose M. Lopez, James E. Przytarski, George K. King and many more.
  51. Scarborough,Edmund C. – Nephew of CPT Edmund B. Scarborough,
    Charlie Co KIA 5/10/68
    [email protected]

  52. Taylor, Sam R. – son of Charlie Taylor, Charlie Co Association Member
    2480 Lafayette Rd
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    [email protected]
    My father is Charlie Taylor. He was in Charlie Company, 1967-68.
    I would love to talk to any son or daughter of a Vietnam veteran.

  53. Verdeja,  Virgil – Son of Rudy Verdeja
    10523 Weathering Run
    San Antonio, TX 78254
    [email protected]
    My dad was with you.  His mane is Rudy Verdeja. Iam his son and I would like to know about my dad.

  54.  Weaver, Barbara Jo.  – Sister of Terry L. Weaver 12/67 – KIA 3/2/68 – Bravo Co.
    5100 N.F.S. Trail
    Marion, IN 46952
    [email protected]
    I am trying to find any one who knew my brother and was with him in Vietnam. Any information would be appreciated.
     Terry L. Weaver

  55.  Woodall, Misty D.  – Daughter of Charles M. "Butch" Woodall, Jr. 11/68 – KIA 1/25/69 – Delta Co.
     Charles M. Woodall Jr.
    Web Page – SP4 Charles M Woodall, Jr.

  56. Youhon, Jim – 2nd/60th – Tan Tru – 68-69
    [email protected]
    First, WELCOME HOME BROTHERS! Although I served with the 2/60th , I still consider you as Brothers. We waded-thru the same sticky mud, stopped the same cheap Chinese lead and laughed and shed tears together, when called upon we bled for each other. Again, Welcome Home!…….Nice site…….JIM…….