Battalion Roster H – L

This “Roster” is only as good as we make it.
If anyone notices any errors or ommissions, please bring it to my attention.
Ron McCants
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Names followed by an asterisk ( * ) indicate people Killed in Action.
Updated 4/15/24

Last First Company
H?ater Richard G. Charlie Co
Haas   HHC
Hacker   Echo Co
Hackert Herbert HHC
Haeffner Victor L. Charlie Co
Hag??n Richard Charlie Co
Hagemeier * Thomas V. Delta Co
Hagen Stanton HHC
Hager Joseph M. Alpha Co
Hager Ben E HHC
Haight Allen R. Alpha Co
Hair Kenneth Alpha Co
Halboth   Charlie Co
Hale Richard E Bravo Co
Haley John W. Alpha Co
Hall Jesse HHC – Echo
Hall David G. Bravo Co
Halliday J. Delta Co
Hallmark Carl E Charlie Co
Hallums J. W. Charlie Co
Halm Gary A. Bravo Co
Halsrud Larry L. Bravo Co
Halstead David HHC
Hamby * Kirby L. HHC
Hamiciski Edwin Charlie Co
Hamilton Robert E. Alpha Co
Hamilton * Charles G. Charlie Co
Hamlin Jerry HHC
Hamlin Jerald M. Delta Co
Hammerel Merrill Alpha Co
Hammonds Ronnie HHC
Hammonds Merel Bravo Co
Hammontree * Billy L. Alpha Co
Hancock Richard D. Charlie Co
Hancock Herman L. Charlie Co
Hand David W. Bravo Co
Hanes Kenneth D. Bravo Co
Hang   Delta Co
Hankins Warren M. Charlie Co
Hanks William H HHC
Hanna Edwin H. Delta Co
Hansen Gerald HHC
Hanson Denny L. Charlie Co
Hanson Alvin Bravo Co
Hanson * Danny L. Alpha Co
Harbin Donald G. Charlie Co
Harbour Thomas F. HHC
Hardcastle James M. Alpha Co
Hardeman Timothy L. Charlie Co
Harderson Gary Alpha Co
Hardman John A HHC
Hardy Willie J. Alpha Co
Hardy John S. Bravo Co
Harkless Thomas W HHC
Harley Lawrence A. Bravo Co
Harmon   Echo Co
Harold Vincent III Delta Co
Harold V. III Delta Co
Harper Larry Bravo Co
Harper Jearold L Charlie Co
Harper Stephens A. Delta Co
Harrel James A. Jr. Delta Co
Harrell Willie S. Echo Co
Harrier James F. Charlie Co
Harrigan Hamlet G. Delta Co
Harril Carl E. Bravo Co
Harrinenko Leonard Bravo Co
Harrington Martin J. Echo Co
Harris Floyd Bravo Co
Harris Wilmont A. Charlie Co
Harris Dennis A. Charlie Co
Harris Hassell (Junnie) Charlie Co
Harris Gary O. Delta Co
Harris Donnie D. Bravo Co
Harris James W. Bravo Co
Harris Randall W. Bravo Co
Harris Edward Jr. Bravo Co
Harris Joseph B. Alpha Co
Harris Harold N HHC
Harrison Wilson Bravo Co
Harrison Edward L. Bravo Co
Harshberger Thomas J. Bravo Co
Hart Honor J. Jr. Bravo Co
Hart Robert F Charlie Co
Hart Lames M. (Mike) Bravo Co
Hartley Carl Charlie Co
Hartley Dana G. Charlie Co
Hartley Dana Alpha Co
Hartpence Don L. Delta Co
Hartshorn Bill Charlie Co
Harville Jerry D. Delta Co
Harvin * Jimmie L. Bravo Co
Harwood Leland HHC
Hason Alvin C HHC
Hass William Alpha Co
Hastings Walter A. Bravo Co
Hatch Robert Alpha Co
Hatcher Charles E. Bravo Co
Hatenrichter D. Delta Co
Hatfield * Jimmy D. Alpha Co
Hatterman Curtis L. Charlie Co
Haug James A.(Tony) Charlie Co
Haug * Earl W. HHC
Hauk Dale  HHC
Havens Dean HHC
Hawkins Andrew B. Charlie Co
Hawkins Marvin E HHC
Hawkins Warren M Charlie Co
Hawkins E. Delta Co
Hawkins Greg HHC
Hawkins Charles Alpha Co
Hawksworth Donald Bravo Co
Hayes Joe P. Bravo Co
Hayes Neil G Charlie Co
Hayes Ronald L HHC
Haynes Elijah Charlie Co
Haynes William M. Bravo Co
Hays Dwight S. Bravo Co
Hays Jim Bravo Co
Hazell James N. Bravo Co
Head Herbert W. HHC
Healy Jeremiah M. HHC
Heater Richard G. Charlie Co
Heath David R. Alpha Co
Heckman Charles Bravo Co
Heermann   HHC
Heermann Gordon E HHC
Heiemann Ronald Bravo Co
Heil Lydon F. HHC
Hein Bary A. Charlie Co
Helaire   Charlie Co
Held Kenneth R. Charlie Co
Hellige Francis P. Charlie Co
Helmes Rick Bravo Co
Helsley Joseph H. Charlie Co
Helvey Michael E. Bravo Co
Hemmingway Howard Alpha Co
Hemphill Dennis Bravo Co
Henderson Ernest A. Charlie Co
Henderson Robert S. Alpha Co
Henderson Morris Charlie Co
Henderson John Bravo Co
Henehan Francis M. Bravo Co
Hennigh Gerald L HHC
Hennings   HHC
Henrie M. Delta Co
Henry James E. Delta Co
Hensley Charles Echo Co
Henson Vernon L Charlie Co
Henton Howard M. HHC – Charlie
Hepler   HHC
Hepler   HHC
Herbert Melvin G. Bravo Co
Herbert James C Charlie Co
Herman   Charlie Co
Hernandez Julian A. Bravo Co
Hernandez Filemen S. Delta Co
Hernandez Eiser M. Delta Co
Herrera * Mauelito L. Bravo Co
Herrick William C. Alpha Co
Herrington   Charlie Co
Herrington Kelly Charlie Co
Hertzler James Bravo Co
Herzog Charles E. Charlie Co
Hester Randall S. Bravo Co
Hester Jerry HHC
Hester Kendall Charlie Co
Hester Jerry Alpha Co
Hester Micheal L Bravo Co
Hickman Ronald HHC
Hicks Samuel E. Charlie Co
Hicks William HHC
Hiemstra Raymond M. Charlie Co
Hietikko Leslie A. Bravo Co
Higginbotham Arley W. Bravo Co
High Cleophus L. Bravo Co
Hild Henry Alpha Co
Hildebrand   Charlie Co
Hill Wayne R. Charlie Co
Hill Floyd Bravo Co
Hill Alfred P. Bravo Co
Hill Robert M. Charlie Co
Hill Bennie E. HHC
Hill Larry R. Bravo Co
Hill Richard L. Charlie Co
Hillard Howard Bravo Co
Hilling   Alpha Co
Hillson William M. Alpha Co
Hindsley Joseph D. Alpha – HHC
Hines David W. Bravo Co
Hinkley Willard F. Alpha Co
Hinkson Daryl A. Charlie Co
Hinojos Edward Charlie Co
Hinton David M. Charlie Co
Hipol Robert A. HHC
Hirai Norman Delta Co
Hires Freddie HHC
Hirschler * Ralph D. Jr. Bravo Co
Hitchcock D. Delta Co
Hite Richard A. Echo Co
Hite Harry J. Jr. Charlie Co
Hoay S. Delta Co
Hobbs Steven V. Alpha Co
Hobbs Raymond Bravo Co
Hobbs   HHC
Hocutt Charles H. Delta Co
Hodgden Lawrence D. Charlie Co
Hodges Royce S. Bravo Co
Hodges Thomas R. Charlie Co
Hodges   HHC
Hodgson Dudley HHC
Hoehne Richard A. Delta Co
Hoermann Richard Charlie Co
Hoffer Rodney K. Charlie Co
Hoffman Dean E. Jr. Bravo Co
Hogan * Kraig S. Charlie Co
Hohman John H Charlie Co
Holden Walter J. Bravo Co
Holder John Alpha Co
Holko Stephen A. Jr. Alpha Co
Holland William (Dutch) Bravo Co
Holland Leon Bravo Co
Holland * Charles R. Alpha Co
Hollenbeck Gary Echo Co
Hollingshead Thomas Bravo Co
Hollingshead   HHC
Holloway Ronald A. Charlie Co
Holloway Gwendell HHC
Hollowbush Rodney Charlie Co
Holmes Eugene Alpha Co
Holmes Huey P. Charlie Co
Holmes Willie H. Alpha Co
Holt Fred R. Echo Co
Holt John Alpha Co
Holtzman Richard Bravo Co
Holzheimer * Dennis A. Charlie Co
Honickle David Charlie Co
Hopkins John C. Alpha Co
Hopkinson Alled D. (Hop) Bravo – HHC
Hopkinson Al (Hop) HHC
Hopwood Clifford Bravo Co
Horn * Jerry V. Alpha Co
Horne Michael V. Bravo Co – HHC
Hornsby Thomas L. HHC
Hose * Herman B. Jr. Charlie Co
Hott John HHC
Houlton   Charlie Co
House Howard L. Charlie Co
House Kenneth Charlie Co
Houser Bobbie L. Alpha Co
Housley   Charlie Co
Houston   HHC
Howard Bobby E. Charlie Co
Howard James W. Charlie Co
Howard Richard L. Charlie Co
Howard Roy O. Jr. Bravo Co
Howard Gary Charlie Co
Howard Michael J. Alpha Co
Howard Samuel P. Bravo Co
Howard Yates (Eddie) Alpha Co
Howe Keith E Alpha – HHC
Howe Ernest H. Charlie Co
Howington Arvin Bravo Co
Huchinson Donald E HHC
Huckaby Marshall C HHC
Hudg?ns Edward Charlie Co
Hudgins Ray Delta Co
Hudson Larry J HHC
Hudson Larry R. Alpha Co
Huerta John Bravo Co
Huffman Edward E HHC
Hufford Paul W Charlie Co
Hufnagel Charles E. Charlie Co
Huggins Richard HHC
Hughes Gregory A. Delta Co
Hughes Roland Charlie Co
Hughes   Alpha Co
Hughes Charles H. Alpha Co
Hughes * Gordon K. Charlie Co
Hughlett Robert E. HHC
Huguet   Charlie Co
Hulsey Johnny C. Alpha Co
Hummer Randy HHC – Bravo
Humphrey James L. Delta Co
Humphrey Stephen HHC
Humphrey Donald E. Alpha Co
Humphrey   Echo Co
Hung   Delta Co
Hunn   Echo Co
Hunt Benard L. Jr. Charlie Co
Hunt * Martin M. Charlie Co
Hunter Frank M. Bravo Co
Hunter E. Delta Co
Hunter Eddie Bravo Co
Hunter Lee G Charlie Co
Hunter Larry E. Delta Co
Huntington Arnold Charlie Co
Hurlbut Kenneth Delta Co
Hurley Gerald T. Delta Co
Hurriaga Martin Charlie Co
Hurst * Ronald C. HHC
Huston Steve Charlie Co
Huston Jon S. Charlie Co
Hutchinson Donald E. Delta Co
Hyland William J. Alpha Co
Hyser Wilbur A. Charlie Co
Ichn David Charlie Co
Idziak   Bravo Co
Iemmiti Victor HHC
Iker Fred HHC
Imevey (?) Edgard B. Bravo Co
Incalls Hallett E. Alpha Co
Indelicato Benjamin Alpha Co
Infantino Jerry T. Bravo Co
Ingledue William H Charlie Co
Ingram James Alpha Co
Inguanta Stephen J. Alpha Co
Inhoff Darrel D. Alpha Co
Inlow James E. Charlie Co
Iremoto Gary Y. Bravo Co
Irizarry-Rivera G. Charlie Co
Irvin Richard W. Alpha Co
Irvin Ernest P HHC
Isenhour * Ronald W. Echo Co
Isler Jerry Echo Co
Isler   HHC
Ito Rodney Echo Co
Iverson Gordon Alpha Co
Ivie Billy R. Bravo Co
Jackman G. Delta Co
Jackson Kenneth E. Alpha Co
Jackson Marvin Alpha Co
Jackson Curtis Jr. Charlie Co
Jackson Wilmer E. (Gene) Charlie Co
Jackson Leroy Charlie Co
Jackson Alan L. Alpha Co
Jackson Andrew Echo Co
Jackson * Abraham Bravo Co
Jackson * Lawrence Charlie Co
Jacob Leroy J. Delta Co
Jacob David W HHC
Jacobs Edward Lee HHC
Jacobs James E. Delta Co
Jacobson Jerome B. Jr HHC
Jahn Chester R. Charlie Co
Jahnke Richard V. (Val) HHC
James John M HHC
James Robert Charlie Co
James Clay Charlie Co
Jankins David Charlie Co
Jasper John K. Delta Co
Jass Dennis G. Bravo Co
Jeffries Kenneth M. HHC
Jelic Joe A HHC
Jelic   HHC
Jelks Matt H. Alpha Co
Jelly Bob Alpha Co
Jenkins Wesley E. Bravo Co
Jenkins Richard E. Bravo Co
Jenkins James M. Bravo Co
Jenkins Clemmie Charlie Co
Jenkins James R. Delta Co
Jenkins Linwood E. Alpha Co
Jerophe Robert G. Delta Co
Jeropke Robert J. Delta Co
Jeschke Richard A HHC
Jett. L. Delta Co
Jewell Tex W. Jr. Charlie Co
Jimenez Nelson HHC
Jimenez Jose L. Bravo Co
Jiminez Rene A. Alpha Co
Joecks E. Delta Co
Joenitz James Bravo Co
Johnson Clarence Charlie Co
Johnson Ronald L. Bravo Co
Johnson Arnold R. Bravo Co
Johnson John Bravo Co
Johnson Theodore Bravo Co
Johnson William Bravo Co
Johnson Jon E W Charlie Co
Johnson John R. Charlie Co
Johnson Donnie J. Charlie Co
Johnson T. L. Charlie Co
Johnson Jimmy L. Charlie Co
Johnson B. Delta Co
Johnson Gerald W. Alpha Co
Johnson William Charlie Co
Johnson John L. Charlie Co
Johnson Thomas Jr. Charlie Co
Johnson Gus Echo Co
Johnson Oscar L. Charlie Co
Johnson S. Delta Co
Johnson R. Delta Co
Johnson Richard G. Delta Co
Johnson Jessie T. Delta Co
Johnson George F. Delta Co
Johnson Gary L. Delta Co
Johnson Othel Alpha Co
Johnson Charles R HHC
Johnson John HHC
Johnson   HHC
Johnson Joseph S. HHC
Johnson Jerry Bravo Co
Johnson Donnie J HHC – Charlie
Johnson   HHC
Johnson Arthur D. HHC
Johnson Gus R HHC
Johnson * Nicholas G. Sr Charlie Co
Johnson * Stanley Charlie Co
Johnson * Ronnie L. Alpha Co
Johnson * Andrew Bravo Co
Johnson * Terry A. Bravo Co
Johnston Jon E. W. Charlie Co
Jones Jeffery Alpha Co
Jones William W HHC
Jones Bill Jr. Bravo Co
Jones   HHC
Jones Leighton M. Charlie Co
Jones M. Delta Co
Jones Osell Bravo Co
Jones Albert HHC
Jones David W. Bravo Co
Jones Olen T. Bravo Co
Jones Terrance D. HHC
Jones Azel Alpha Co
Jones Willie O. Delta Co
Jones Jessie Delta Co
Jones Ronald Bravo Co
Jones Terry D. Alpha Co
Jones Robert L. Delta Co
Jones Terry Alpha Co
Jones Norman H. Charlie Co
Jones Lanny E. Charlie Co
Jones James R. Charlie Co
Jones Danny G. Echo Co
Jones Craig L. Charlie Co
Jones Donald L.Sr. Charlie Co
Jones Robert B. Alpha Co
Jones Larry W. Alpha Co
Jordan Fred C. Bravo Co
Jordan James J. Charlie Co
Jordan William J. Bravo Co
Jordon Richard E. Alpha Co
Jordon Harold Alpha Co
Jordon Lawrence E Bravo Co
Jorgensen James L. Charlie Co
Jubert Jeddie Charlie Co
Judd Harold L. Alpha Co
Judie J. Delta Co
Judie Johnny E. Delta Co
Juenger   Bravo Co
Juneau Jeffery W. Delta Co
Juneau Michael W. Alpha Co
Jungst Johan A. Bravo Co
Justice Tommy D. Alpha Co
Justus Larry M HHC
Kaina Herbert I. Charlie Co
Kaldenberg Donald P. Bravo Co
Kamai Benjamin K. Delta Co
Kaminski Gene W. Charlie Co
Kanan John F. Charlie – HHC
Kanan   HHC
Kane Richard T. Delta Co
Kang Yong HHC
Kasarda John G. Bravo Co
Kasarda Joseph Bravo Co
Kasinskas Joseph A. Delta Co
Kately Prophet Alpha Co
Kay Dennis Alpha Co
Keakalauloa Joshua Charlie Co
Kearns William HHC
Kearns Phillip Bravo Co
Keathley Franklyn Charlie Co
Keck Walter L Charlie Co
Keefauver Donald G. Alpha Co
Keegan John G. Charlie Co
Keelen Michael J. Bravo Co
Keene Howard M. Delta Co
Keeney   HHC
Keeney Morris L (Lynn) Bravo Co
Keffer Larry Alpha Co
Keith * Dennis M. Charlie Co
Kelekolio Keenan (Kimo) Charlie Co
Kell Kevin Alpha Co
Keller Lewis P. Delta Co
Kelley Fred C. Delta Co
Kelley Leroy HHC
Kelly   Alpha Co
Kelly William Alpha Co
Kelly William H HHC
Kelly James Alpha Co
Kelly Terrance W. Alpha – Delta
Kemp William N. Bravo Co
Kemp * Jerald W. Bravo Co
Kennedy Harry K. Jr. Alpha Co
Kennedy Thomas A. Charlie – HHC
Kennedy   HHC
Kent Ray Bravo Co
Kent Douglas L. Charlie Co
Keplinger Tom Charlie Co
Kerklin Alfred D. Charlie Co
Kerlick Walter M. Delta Co
Kerrick Fremont S. (Stan) HHC-Alpha-Echo
Kessing * Thomas E. Jr. Delta Co
Ketchmark James A. Charlie Co
Ketelsen Ronald R HHC
Ketelson   HHC
Key David A.D. Alpha Co
Kezlewski David L. Charlie Co
Kham Mohammad Bravo Co
Khan Mike Bravo Co
Kiehne Gary Charlie Co
Kienitz James Bravo Co
Kilburn Michael Bravo Co
Kilgore Bruce Bravo Co
Killian Darrell H. Charlie Co
Killough Thomas L. Bravo Co
Kimble Jessie L. HHC
Kimbrough   Alpha Co
Kinara Richard Bravo Co
Kinard Patrick J. Alpha Co
Kincaid   HHC
Kincaid Kenneth K. Charlie Co
Kindig Charlie R. Charlie Co
King Donnell Alpha Co
King Grady L. Alpha Co
King Thomas M. Charlie Co
King Sammy T. Charlie Co
King Myron J. Delta Co
King Willie L. Alpha Co
Kiniery James M. Delta Co
Kinight Henry Charlie Co
Kirchner John J. Charlie Co
Kirk Richard H. Bravo Co
Kirschner John J. Charlie Co
Kish Richard Echo Co
Kisling Alan D. Charlie Co
Kisslinger George Bravo Co
Kistler John D HHC
Kit? Alan D. Charlie Co
Kitner Glenn E. Charlie Co
Kitson James E Jr Bravo Co
Kitt Richard N. Charlie Co
Kitts Billy R. Alpha Co
Klan George Charlie Co
Klepec Raymond M. Bravo Co
Klisura Lawrence M HHC
Klock Floyd R. Jr. Delta Co
Klump Willard L HHC
Knapp Richard E. Alpha Co
Kneely Carl Delta Co
Knippel Richard E. Delta Co
Knudtson Jerry R HHC
Kocik Donald F. Bravo Co
Koeneman Tim HHC
Koenig Leslie F. Alpha Co
Kokemueller Kenneth Bravo Co
Kollock P. Delta Co
Kolozy   Charlie Co
Konar Thomas J. Charlie Co
Kosakas Martin Bravo Co
Koslowski David Charlie Co
Kost Richard D. Alpha Co
Kotsopodis Daniel Alpha Co
Koyl * Harry G. Alpha Co
Kozak Donald F. Bravo Co
Kozak   Echo Co
Kozak Robert M. Alpha Co
Kraft E. Delta Co
Krahn Gerry R. Bravo Co
Kratzer Harold K Charlie Co
Krebsbach Clair Fred Alpha Co
Kresconko Ronald J HHC
Kreske Matthew Alpha Co
Krial Charles J. Charlie Co
Krogman Thomas L. Alpha Co
Kronenberg   HHC
Krukenberg Jacob HHC
Krupinski * Frederick J. Charlie Co
Krus William H. Charlie Co
Kubick Joseph T. Alpha Co
Kudra   Alpha Co
Kuehne Gary G. Charlie Co
Kugel William L. Charlie Co
Kuhna   Charlie Co
Kuhns   Delta Co
Kuisle Edward P Charlie Co
Kujawa Theodore E. Bravo Co
Kull Kevin E. Alpha Co
Kumer Richard C. Delta Co
Kummert Allen L HHC
Kurhajetz Mike Charlie Co
Kush Peter M. Charlie Co
Kuznetzoff David Bravo Co
L??yer Stephen Charlie Co
La Fond Terrance L. Charlie Co
Labanich Richard G. Alpha Co
Laboot   Echo Co
Lacey * Edward G. Alpha Co
LaChance James Alpha Co
Lade David R HHC
Lafferty * John A. Charlie Co
Lafond Duane W. Bravo Co
Lafrate David Echo Co
LaGarde James K. Alpha Co
Lalone James P HHC
Lamarand Thomas HHC-Recon
Lamb Donald E. Alpha Co
Lamb * Michael Bravo Co
Lambert Roy F. Charlie Co
Lambert   Echo Co
Lambert * Steve N. Bravo Co
Lamberti Matthew E. Bravo Co
Lamonica Larry A. Alpha Co
Lanagan James A. Alpha Co
Lancaster Lawrence Alpha Co
Lance Russell D. Bravo Co
Landers John (Monk) Delta Co
Landgraff Earl G. Charlie Co
Lane John H. Charlie Co
Lane Donald J. Alpha Co
Laney   Charlie Co
Lang Carl D. Alpha Co
Langelan Raymond F. Charlie Co
Langley Bobby D. Delta Co
Langston Patrick O. Charlie Co
Larmore John Bravo Co
LaRocco Michael E. Bravo Co
Larson Dennis D. Bravo Co
Lash George W. Charlie Co
Lashbrook Michael HHC
Lashbrook Michael Bravo Co
Latham Willard HHC
Laton L. Delta Co
Laughlin Edward N. Alpha Co
Laury Richard A. Bravo Co
Lavarez Gilbert L. Alpha Co
Laviner Jackie Charlie Co
Lawhorn Joseph P HHC
Lawrence Ferris J. Jr. Bravo Co
Lawrence Larry A. Bravo Co
Lawson Robert T. Charlie Co
Layne Richard D. Charlie Co
Layne Richard E HHC
Layton Laurence G. Delta Co
Layton John HHC
Lazzell Robert A HHC
Leadley Merle L. Bravo Co
Leddige James R. Delta Co
Ledin * Daniel B. Delta Co
Lee James R. Bravo Co
Lee Wendell C. Bravo Co
Lee Warren Alpha Co
Lee Daniel Charlie Co
Lee James R. Charlie Co
Lee Jimmy R. Charlie Co
Lee Richard J. Jr. Alpha – Echo
Lee Lemuel H. (Huey) Alpha Co
Lee Larry E. Bravo Co
Lee Lilliard HHC
Leffier James M HHC
Lehman Charles Charlie Co
Leiker Stephen Delta Co
Leither Stephens J. Delta Co
Lekse Alan L. Charlie Co
Lemons Freddie R. HHC
Lemons Jerry Charlie Co
Lenderman Thomas B. Alpha Co
Lentz Michael A. Bravo Co
Leo * Theodore T. Charlie Co
Leonard Robert Bravo Co
Leonard David P. Charlie Co
Leone Peter F Jr. Delta Co
Leopold Fred Charlie Co
Leppert Gerald Bravo Co
Lepus Paul HHC
Leslie   HHC
Leslie Lester D. Jr. Bravo – Echo
Lester Coye R. Jr. Delta Co
Lestingi John A. Bravo Co
Levang Steven P. Bravo Co
Levi Ray R. Bravo Co
Lewis Jerry Delta Co
Lewis R. Delta Co
Lewis Charles W. Delta Co
Lewis Joseph Charlie Co
Lewis Edward J. Bravo Co
Lewis Charles Alpha Co
Lewis Bobby J. Delta Co
Lewis Lawrence Charlie Co
Lewis * Leslie R. Bravo Co
Lidury Charles W. Delta Co
Liles Jerry Charlie Co
Limbacher Dean E. Charlie – HHC
Lind James B. Bravo Co
Lind Stephen S. Bravo Co
Linder Asbury Jr. Charlie Co
Lindsay Leslie A. Echo Co
Lindquist Robert A. Charlie Co
Lindstrom Alfred C. Bravo Co
Lingley Jim A. Charlie Co
Link James B. Bravo Co
Link   Charlie Co
Link Michael Alpha Co
Linnen James M. Charlie Co
Linsay Leslie A. Delta Co
Lipscomb Rickie Alpha Co
Lipsoski Gregory B. Bravo Co
Liskey Rocky Charlie Co
Litherland Robert E. Charlie Co
Lillie Robert A.Jr. HHC
Little Edward Bravo Co
Little Thomas F. Jr. Charlie Co
Littlefield Dennis HHC
Lloyd Marvin G HHC
Lloyd Ralph E. Charlie Co
Lloyd Evan Charlie Co
Lloyd Frank Bravo Co
Lock Barry C. Charlie Co
Locklear Arnold Charlie Co
Lockwood David A. Alpha Co
Loconsolo John N. Bravo Co
Lofton Elmer C. (Pete) Alpha – Echo – HHC
Logsdon Jim Charlie Co
Loiselle Rodger A. Bravo Co
Lombardo Joseph A. Alpha Co
Lombari Peter L. Charlie Co
Long Dwight L. Charlie Co
Long Oscar D. Charlie Co
Longhorn Orvile L. Charlie Co
Longoria Manuel W HHC
Longoria Manuel Bravo Co
Lonn David W. Charlie Co
Looney Joseph Charlie Co
Lopez Salvador T. Charlie Co
Lopez Michael HHC
Lopez Eddie A. Bravo Co
Lopez Jose M. Bravo Co
Lopez Fred R. Bravo Co
Lorenzo Rufino V. Charlie Co
Lorraine   HHC
Losey Buddy C HHC
Loso * James M. Alpha Co
Lothrop Roger G HHC
Lott Gerry Delta Co
Love James T. Delta Co
Love Melvin E. Alpha Co
Love * James T. HHC – Delta
Lowe Lester E. Charlie Co
Lowry J. HHC
Loyd Daniel M. Charlie Co
Lozada Carlos J HHC Mortars
Lozano Raymond Bravo Co
Lozano Isaac A. Bravo Co
Lubitou   HHC
Lucas Manuel A. Bravo Co
Lucas Raymond R. Bravo Co
Luce Keith Bravo Co
Lucero Charles R. Charlie Co
Lucero Joseph B HHC
Luckey * James A. HHC
Ludlum Robert D. Bravo Co
Lujan   HHC
Lumetta Samuel D. Alpha Co
Lumpkin Rabian C. Jr. Delta Co
Lundberg Jimmy D. Charlie Co
Lundy Frank R. Jr. Bravo Co
Lunger Rudy C. Delta Co
Luppens Arnette Joe Delta Co
Lussie A. Delta Co
Lutgen Michael L. Bravo Co
Lutz Stephen HHC
Lykins Bona C Charlie Co
Lyles Theodore H. Bravo Co
Lynch M. Delta Co
Lynch Raymond A. Alpha Co
Lynch * Peter Delta Co
Lynn Robert A. Alpha Co
Lyons Michael D. Charlie Co
Lytle John Echo Co