Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups


Veteran Drug Rehab


Assisted Living care options for people with disabilities    


Understanding a Veteran with PTSD


A Veterans Guide to Health and Nutrition.


Housing assistance available to veterans


Veterans fighting alcohol abuse


Veterans fighting substance abuse and addiction


Veteran's amd Mesothelioma


Veteran"s Business Ideas
This links was sent to us by the children at The Brenham Community Center in Brenham,Texas.

Veterans and Smoking  – Quit Smoking
Vapes and Veterans.  – Quit Smoking
These links concerning veterans and how to quit smoking were sent to us by a high school girl
named Emma from Seattle Washington


Summer 2015 VA Agent Orange Newsletter


Interment Ceremony Of The Vietnam Unknown (1985)


Mesothelioma & Veterans – Countless veterans were exposed to asbestos during their military service, potentially causing life-threatening illnesses. Visit or the Mesothelioma Symptoms web page today to learn about Mesothelioma Symptoms or if you or a loved one could have come in contact with asbestos. To get information in a live chat room with a doctor or nurse (at no cost to you) go to 
Mesothelioma Resources: 

For information about Mesothelioma and Veteran's Compensation go to this site: 
Mesothelioma from Navy


The Virtual Wall


Bravo Company 3rd Platoon
"The Bunny Platoon"


Bandido Charlie Association


Sock it to 'em Baby….Garry Cooper, Australian Forward Air Controller

General Tommy Franks web site

United States Central Command Home Page

9th Infantry Division Society

LZ of the 240th AHC

240th AHC Fliteline

6th Battalion of the 31st Infantry

Emily – An American Red Cross Donut Dollie

16th Infantry Regiment Association

709th Maintenance Battalion

 – Sons and Daughters In Touch

 – The Ultimate Military Site

15th Combat Engineers
 Battalion Association


 – The 9th. Infantry Division Web Ring 

-Budd Russell's Non-Commissioned Officers Candidate School – Fort Benning, Ga.

9th. Infantry Division
– Leon Baldwins 9th. Infantry Division web page

 – Moble Riverine Force Association

– Official Home Page

 2nd. Battalion, 60th. Infantry
 – Association and Reunion information

191st Assault Helicopter Company – 191 AHC – Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters

2nd/4th Artillery
 – Toms_Vietnam_Page – Tom Striegler 2nd/4th Artillery XO

Alpha Company
 -5th. Battalion, 60th. Infantry, 9th. Infantry Division Pictures and History

 Bravo Company
 -5th. Battalion, 60th. Infantry, 9th. Infantry Division Pictures and History

Charlie Company
– 5th. Battalion, 60th. Infantry, 9th. Infantry Division Pictures and History

am Da Coach! Ernest F. Martinez Jr.

Company B 2/501 Inf., 101 Airborne

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