Headquarters Roster A – L

Headquarters Company Roster

It has been my pleasure to attempt a listing of all members of HHC while we were in Vietnam.  Guess my assignment as Company Clerk was a lifetime position….I feel it's the least I can do to help make a contribution to our Association.

I would like to thank CSM Nevel Marcum, who sent me 2 'yearbooks' from 1969. They have been a great help.  If anyone finds any oversights, please bring it to my attention.

Harvey Shapiro

Updated 3/4/17 

Note: Names followed by an asterisk ( * ) indicate people Killed in Action


Roster HHC A – L
Last First Company Years Rank Notes
Acieno John A HHC 69 PFC
Adams Ben D.
HHC 1969 SSG
Adams James R.
HHC-Recon 3/68-9/68 SP4  
Agard * Timothy C. HHC 10/67-2/68 SP4 KIA 2/19/1968
Agosto Florentino HHC 67 PFC
Agueo-De Jusus Faus HHC 69 SP4
HHC 1969 SP4
HHC 1969 1LT
Alexander Jasper M HHC 68 SSG
Alexander Elbert M HHC 67

Allen Dennis (Denny) HHC 11/67 4/68 SP4 Recon
Allen James E HHC 69 CSM BN Command SM
Alley Lee B. B-HHC-C-HHC 9/67-8/68 1LT Plt Ldr – Recon – CO – Ops
Amos Pierre HHC 68

Anderson Jerome F HHC 69 MAJ S3
Anderson George HHC 68 SP4
HHC 1969 SFC
Andrzjeski Gregory HHC 68

Anshutz Kenneth J HHC 67
BN XO Driver
Antilla Eric F HHC 3/68 8/68 LTC BN Commander – Deceased
Antonio Paz HHC – Recon 2/68-9/68 SSGT
Armstrong Earnest Jr. HHC 1967 SP6 Medic
Arnold Paul HHC 12/68-9/69 SP5 Alpha Co Medic
Ary Richard A. Bravo – HHC 67-68 SP4 Medic
Ayala Jose P HHC 67 SP5
Back Larry HHC 67

Bailey John R HHC 7/69 4/70 SP5 Operations
Bailey Eddie K HHC 69 SP4
Baines William B HHC 68 SP4
HHC 1969 1LT
Baker Thomas H HHC 68 SP4
Baker Thomas W III HHC- Delta Co 10/67-8/68 SP4
Tan An South 
Balas Louis (Tex) HHC 2/68 8/68
Balisterri Pat HHC 66-67 SP4
HHC 5/68 SGT Commo Chief
Ballard Louie R HHC 67

Banks Sam HHC 69 SP4
HHC 1969 SFC
Barber M. C. Jr HHC 67 PFC
Barnes * Robert S HHC 6/67-9/67 PFC KIA 9/7/1967
Bartholomay Vince C. HHC 2/70 8/70 PFC
Barton Larry D. Bravo – HHC 1967 SP4
Bates James (Doug) HHC 3/69-3/70 SP5 Medic – Deceased 2009
Baucom Douglas W HHC 68 SP4
Bayer Frank HHC 68 SGT Commo Wire Team Chief
Bayless Edgar HHC 67

Bean William H HHC 67 PFC
Beard Charles HHC 69 SP5
HHC 1969 2LT
Beck Donald L.
1968 SSG
Beechinor Bob HHC 11/66 11/67 1LT Recon Plt Leader
HHC 1969 SP4
Bell Michael E HHC 69 PFC
HHC 69 SP5 S1
HHC 1969 1LT
Benton Willie HHC 2/68 PFC
Berdei-Roman Juan HHC 69 SP4
Betcher Robert A HHC 67 PFC
Bethune * Robert E. HHC Recon 12/66-1/67 SP4 KIA 01/12/67
Betts Robert HHC 10/67 10/68 SGT 2nd sqd mortors
Bianco James G HHC 1/68-8/68 SP5 Medic
Birge Douglas
1/68-1/69 SP4 Medic
Black Thomas N HHC 69 SP6
Blakely Thomas HHC 67 PFC
Blasé Harold J HHC 69 MSG S3
Blice Harry HHC 68 SP4 Orderly Room
Bodven Allen G HHC 2/68 2/70
Bolcar John A HHC 69 SP4
Boldridge George HHC 68 SP4 Commo Radar Repair
Bonney Robert S. HHC Recon 11/66-11/67 SGT Recon
Bostic Jimmy D HHC 69 SFC S4
Boucher Allen R. HHC 2/68 PFC
Bowden James E HHC 67 PFC
Bowden Thomas G. HHC – Bravo 67-68 SP4
Bowman * Donald R Alpha – HHC 12/67-2/68 PFC KIA 2/8/68
Boxley Clem A. HHC 2/68 PFC
HHC 1969 2LT
Boyd Thomas R.
12/66-12/67 SGT
HHC 1969 SP4
Brackett Charles HHC 67 PFC
Bradley Jesse HHC 69 SP4
Bradley Gerald HHC 68 SP4
Branham Walter D HHC 67 PFC
Brefczynski * Edward J. HHC 1/68-2/68 PSG KIA 2/10/1968
Breidenbach Peter H. Charlie – HHC 9/68-6/69 SGT S2
Brewer Jerry HHC 9/66-9/67 SP5 Company Clerk
Brimberry James R. HHC 2/68 PFC
Brink David A HHC 67 PFC
Bromley Colin HHC 69 SP5
Brooks * David T HHC 10/67-11/67 SSG KIA 11/18/67
Broughel Dennis HHC 2/67-2/68 SGT Mortars
Browell Jon M HHC 67 PFC
Brown Ken W HHC 12/66 12/67
Brownell Jon M. HHC 10/67-10/68 SGT Mortars
Brownotter * Lawrence D. HHC 6/67-11/67 CPL KIA 11/18/67
Brunson James
1968 SP4
Bryant Noah HHC 69 SP4
Bryson Dave HHC 67

Bucher George HHC 67

Bufford Anthony HHC 68 SP4
Bugyi Richard J HHC 67 PFC
Burch James A HHC 69 SFC Bn Commo
Burns Bernard W HHC 68

Bush McArthur HHC 67 PFC
Butler Richard HHC 2/68 E-7
Butler Bede HHC 1969-1970 CPT Chaplain – Deceased 2000
Butler Henry C HHC 67

Caldwell * Richard B Jr. HHC 1/68-5/68 SGT KIA 5/13/68 Medic
Callahan Joseph W. HHC 67 SP4 Medic
Callaway Melvin T HHC 69

Calton Richard HHC Recon 2/68 – 3/68 SP4
Cannon Earl Echo – HHC 1969 – 1970
Cannon John Jr. HHC 69 SP4
Cardenas * Manuel II HHC 12/66-3/67 SP4 KIA 3/8/1967
Carl Jay L HHC 69 SP4
Carr Vincent HHC


Carrelli Phillip A HHC 69 SFC S1
Carroll Robert M. HHC 1969 SP4 Cook
Carson James A HHC 68 SP4
Carson David G HHC 67 PFC
Casey Bobby J HHC 1969 CPT S3 Air
HHC 69 SP4
Caszarelli Andrew R. HHC 1969 SP4 RTO
Champion Donald HHC 1966-1967
Mortar Platoon
Chancler Dennis HHC 8/67-8/68 SGT Deceased 2011
Chaney Tommy HHC


HHC 1969 PFC
Cherry Thomas E. Alpha Co – HHC 1969-1970 1LT Liaison Officer – Deceased 1974
Chioni Ned A HHC 68 SP4
Christopher Joe
1968 SP4

1968 PFC
Clark Gary G HHC 69 1LT S1
Clark Eddie L HHC 67 PFC Medic
Clark Edward J. HHC 68 SP4 Commo Radioman Recon
Claussen Thomas E HHC 67 PFC Recon
Clay Allan T HHC

Clemons Chandous
66-67-68 SP5 Mechanic – Deceased 2008
HHC 69 SP4 S1
Clouse Larry M Charlie – HHC 4/69-4/70 CPT S3 Training – S5
Cole Edward HHC 10/67 3/68 SP4
Coleman Samuel Alpha – HHC 68-69 SP4 Medic
Coleman John R. HHC 1969-1970 1LT Spt Ptl Ldr
Collins * Floyd E Jr. HHC 12/66-10/67 SP5 KIA 10/9/67 Medic
Comegys Donald A HHC 69 SGT Asst Supply SGT
Coniglio Pasquale E HHC
Consentio Ralph E. HHC 1969 SP4 Cook
Cook Sylvester L. HHC-Bravo 2/68-2/69 SP5 Medic
Cook Charles HHC


Cooke Nathaniel HHC


Cooper Robert L HHC 69 1LT S5
Cooper Leon L. HHC 1969 SP4 Medic
Copeland Tommy Charlie – HHC 6/66-12/67 CPT CO S-4 S-5
HHC 1969 SP4
Corprew Dennis R HHC 67 SP4
HHC 1969 SGT
Coutant John A HHC 8/67 12/67 SP4 Medic
Cowles David R HHC Jul-67 MAJ BN XO
Cox J. A. Jr HHC 69 SP5 Amororer
Craig Clarence R HHC 69

Crawford John V HHC 67 PFC
Cremasco Ted HHC 11/66 12/67
Recon Driver
Crimoni Samuel M. HHC 1969-1970 CPT BN Surgeon
Criswell Wilber S HHC 67 PFC
Crooker John M HHC 9/68 3/69
Tan An Security
Crosswhite Ronald G HHC 69 SP5
Crume Joe HHC 68 SP4
Cruz Ronald G HHC 68 PFC
Cuber John HHC 8/66 12/67

Cummings Max HHC 12/66 11/67 SGT Recon
Cutolo Edward P HHC 69 LTC BN CO Deceased 5/1980
Dato Edward HHC – Charlie 11/66-11/67 PFC Deceased 2002
Davidson Frank HHC 69 SGT S3
Davis Ronald L HHC 69 PFC
Davis David J. HHC 2/68 PFC
Davis Larry HHC 69 SP4
Davis Dan Charlie-HHC 7/69-1/70 1LT Platoon Leader – S5
Dawson * Eugene HHC 12/66-5/67 SGT KIA 5/15/67
Day Jack W. Jr Bravo Co – HHC 1969-1970 1LT HHC XO
De Moss James B. HHC 1969 SP4
Dean Jackie HHC 1967-1968 SP4 Commo
Dean * Thomas J. HHC 10/67-1/68 SP4 KIA 1/19/68
Decker Norman
1968 SP4 Mechanic
DeCook Philip A. Charlie – HHC 2/67 6/67
Degerolamo * Anthony Jr HHC 1/6/68-2/5/68 CPL KIA 2/5/68
Delamaine Frederick J HHC 70 LTC Bn Commander
Delange Paul HHC 69 SGT S1
HHC 69 SGT Chaplain Asst
Deloney Leotis HHC 69 SP5
Delong Samuel B Jr HHC 1967 SP5 Medic
DeLorenzo Rich HHC 5/66 9/67

HHC 1969 SP4
DeSpain Richard C. HHC 1969-1970 1LT Liaison Officer
Desper Richard F Charlie – HHC 9/68-7/69 SSG S5
DeWitt  James F. HHC – Recon 4/67-9/67 PFC WIA 9/7/67
Diaz David HHC 5/66 10/67
Dillard Alfred HHC 2/68 PFC
Dixon David J. HHC 1969 SP4
Dize Elmer T. HHC 1969 SP4 Medic
Dodd Dennis R. HHC 12/69-3/70 1LT S3-Air
Dodge Francis Norris Jr. Bravo – HHC 11/66 67 CPT Co CO from Fort Riley
Dolphin Donald R HHC 69 1LT S3
Donohue John Jr HHC 68 SP4
Dornhecker Bob HHC 7/66 12/67 SSG Support Pln
Doty William
1968 SP4 Mechanic
Doubleday David E HHC 67 PFC
Drake Jerry HHC 67 68
Orderly Room
Drummond Bob HHC 8/66 9/67

Ducharme Dave HHC 12/66 8/67
Dunlap Frank
67-68 CAP S-4
Duschek * Rudi H HHC 12/66-4/-67 SP5 KIA 4/12/67 Mechanic
Dye Ronald F HHC 69 SSG S1
Dyer Ernest N HHC 68 SP4 Commo Wireman
Easter Larry HHC 11/67 11/68 SSG Recon
Eaton William J HHC 69 PFC
Eaton Edgar HHC 7/68 10 69
Edmands Robert HHC 67

Eggert Joe
Eichbrecht Terry L HHC 69 SP4 S1
Eichler Gregory J. HHC 12/67 12/68 PFC TanAn
HHC 1969 1LT
Elwell Jerry A HHC 68 SP4
Englehardt Larry R.
4/67-12/67 1LT S-3 – Air Liaison
Escamilla Juan (Chico) HHC 7/69 2/70
Driver for LTC
Esquer Mario
11/67-11/68 SGT Maintenance
Estelle Cornell HHC 68 SP4
Evans James HHC 67

Evatt Gerald W HHC 68

Ezell Douglas HHC 69 SP4
HHC 1969 CPT Dental Surgeon
Farnsworth Richard HHC 69 SP4
Farrall George L. HHC 1967 PVT Medic
Farrington Dennis HHC 1969 SP5
Farver Michael D HHC 69 SP4
Fenton James P HHC 69

Festos James HHC 69 SP4
Fielding John F HHC 1/70-8/70 MAJ Bn XO
HHC 1969 SSG Aid Station
Fisher * Dennis W. HHC 10/68-12/68 PFC KIA 12/29/68 Equip Maint Clerk
Fitzgerald Louis C HHC 1969 SSG
Fitzpaterick john D. HHC 1969 SP4
Flynn Daniel HHC 1969 SP5 S4
Flynn Alan HHC 3/67 8/67 LTC BN Commander
Flynn Richard F. HHC 2/68 1LT
Ford Stanley HHC – Echo 69 SP4 Mortars
Ford Tom HHC 68 LT Medical Svce
Ford Norman HHC 5/66 5/67 MSG 1SGT – Deceased 2008
Forester Charles Bravo – HHC 1967-1968 SP4
Forman William HHC 67-68
Fowler Michael J HHC 69 SP4 S1
Fox Tim M. HHC 9/68 8/69 SP5 Mechanic
France Ross T HHC


Franks Tommy Charlie – HHC 1967 2LT Arty FO – Retired ****General
French James, Jr HHC

Deceased 2006
Friedl Ronald HHC 69 SP4
Fueher Michael L HHC 69 SP4
Fullerton John W. HHC 2/68 PFC
Gaba Robert HHC 11/66 4/67 SP4 Commo Plt RTO
Gallagher William F HHC 69 SP5
Gammon George HHC 67 PFC
Garcia Augistine HHC 4/69 SP5
Garcia Ruben HHC 2/68 8/68
Gardner Donald HHC


Garner * Ronald R HHC 69 PFC Medic
Garver Duane E HHC 69 SP5
Garver Ronald P. Charlie – HHC 11/67 – 10/68 LT
Garza David N HHC 69 SP4
Gentile Joseph J. HHC 10/68-6/69 SP5 Maintenance
Gibson Charles HHC 69 SP4
HHC 5/68 SP4 Commo Radio Teletype
Gimlin J. L. HHC 1967-1968 PSG Medical Ptatoon Sergeant
Glore Steven C HHC 69 SP4
Gonzales George J HHC 68 SP4
Goodale Michael D. HHC 12/66-4/67
S-1 Bearcat
Goodson Leroy HHC 68 SP4
Gosse Thomas HHC 69 1LT Asst S4
Gott Earl HHC 3/68 9/68

Gray Thomas J HHC 69 SP4 S4
Gray James R Jr.. HHC 69 SGT
Green Robert M HHC 69

Greene Garry HHC 68 PFC Chaplains Asst
HHC 68 SP4 Commo Wireman
Greer John P HHC 1/70 10/70
Binh Phuoc
HHC 1969 2LT
HHC 68 PFC Commo Wireman
Griffin * Donald O. HHC 12/66-3/67 SGT KIA 3/17/67
Groom David C. HHC 1969 SP4 Supply
Guthery George HHC 66/67 SP5
HHC 1969 SP4
Hackert Herbert HHC 68 SP4
Hagen Stanton HHC 68 SP4
Hager Ben E HHC 9/68 3/69
Hall Jesse HHC 69 SP4
Halstead David HHC 69
BN Medic
Hamby * Kirby L. HHC 10/67-6/68 SP4 KIA 6/8/68
Hamlin Jerry HHC 69 SP4 S5
Hammonds Ronnie HHC 12/66 11/67 SP4 Recon
Hanks William H HHC 67 PFC
Hansen Gerald HHC 67 PFC
Harbour Thomas F.
1968 1LT Asst Adjutant
Hardman John A HHC
Harkless Thomas W HHC 69 SP4
Harris Harold N HHC 69 SFC S2 – Deceased 1989
Harwood Leland HHC 67 SGT
Hason Alvin C HHC 69 SFC S3
Haug * Earl W. HHC 5/67-2/68 SGT KIA 2/10/68
Hauk Dale
HHC 11/67-12/68 SP4 Commo Radio Operator
Havens Dean HHC 4/67 3/68
Hawkins Marvin E HHC 69 SP4
Hawkins Greg HHC 1/68 1/69 SP4 Battalion RTO
Hayes Ronald L HHC 69 SP4
Head Herbert W. HHC 1969-1970 CPT Commo Officer
Healy Jeremiah M. HHC 1969-1970 1LT Spt Ptl Ldr
Heermann Gordon E HHC 1969 SP4
Heil Lydon F. HHC 1966-1967 SGT
Hennigh Gerald L HHC 69 SP4
HHC 68 SP4 Commo Wireman
Henton Howard M.
9/67-6/68 SP4 Medic
HHC 1969 SP5 S1
Hester Jerry HHC 68 SP4
Hickman Ronald HHC


Hill Bennie E. HHC 2/68 PVT
Hindsley Joseph D. Alpha – HHC 1969-1970 CPT CO – S3 Air – S4
Hipol Robert A. HHC 2/68 PFC
Hires Freddie HHC 1969-1970 CPT S4 – Liaison Officer/font>
HHC 68 SP4 Commo Wireman
Hodgson Dudley HHC 2/68 1LT
HHC 1969 SSG
Holloway Gwendell HHC 5/67 4/68
Hopkinson Allen D. (Hop) Bravo – HHC 6/66 11/67
Deceased 2006
Horne Michael V. Bravo – HHC 1967 PFC
Hornsby Thomas L. HHC 1969 SP4 Medic
Hott John HHC 1966-1967
Mortar Platoon
HHC 1969 2LT
Howe Keith E Alpha – HHC 1967 SP4
Huchinson Donald E HHC May-69 SSG S3
Huckaby Marshall C HHC 4/68-12/68 1SG HHC Commo Chief
Hudson Larry J HHC 69 SP4
Huffman Edward E HHC 69 SP5
Huggins Richard HHC 68 SP4
Hughes Gordon K HHC 1968 2LT KIA 2/25/68
Hughlett Robert E. HHC 1969 SP4 Cook
Hummer Randy HHC-Bravo 1970 PFC Medic
Humphrey Stephen HHC 69 SP4
Hurst * Ronald C. HHC 7/66-4/67 SP4 KIA 4/12/67
Iemmiti Victor HHC 67

Iker Fred HHC 67 SGT
Irvin Ernest P HHC 68 SP4
HHC 1969 CPT
Jacob David W HHC 69 PFC
Jacobs Edward Lee HHC 5/67 – 8/67 PFC WIA
Jacobson Jerome B. Jr HHC 1970 CPT S5 Liaison Officer
Jahnke Richard V. (Val) HHC 1967 PFC Medic
James John M HHC 67 PFC
Jeffries Kenneth M. HHC 69 SP4
Jelic Joe A HHC 1969 SGT
Jeschke Richard A HHC 68 PFC Medic
Jimenez Nelson HHC 66-67 SP4
Johnson John HHC 3/67 3/68 SGT Supply Sgt
Johnson Arthur R. HHC 1969 SP4 Cook
Johnson Joseph S. HHC 1969-1970 CPT CO
Johnson Donnie J HHC – Charlie 8/68 – 12/68 SP4 Medic
Johnson Gus R HHC 69 PFC
Johnson Charles R HHC 7/70 until USA LTC Bn Commander
HHC 1969 SFC S1
Jones William W HHC 1969 1SG First SGT
Jones Clarence G HHC 68 PFC
Jones Albert HHC 67-68 SP5 Co Clerk Died on return flight to USA
Jones Terrance D. HHC 1969 SP4 Medic
Justus Larry M HHC 67

Kanan John F. Charlie – HHC 1969-1970 1LT Plt Ldr – HHC CO – LNO
Kang Yong HHC 69 CPT BN Surgeon
Kearns William HHC 69 CPT Adjutant
HHC 1969 2LT
Kelley Leroy HHC 68 SP4
Kelly William H HHC 68 SP4
Kennedy Thomas A. Charlie – HHC 11/69-8/70 1LT Plt Ldr – S1
Kerrick Fremont S. (Stan) HHC-Alpha-Echo 2/68-10/69 SP5 Medic
Ketelsen Ronald R HHC 69 SP5
Kimble Jessie L HHC 68 SP5 Medic
HHC 1969 SSG
HHC 1969 2LT
Kistler John D HHC 69 SP4
Klisura Lawrence M HHC 7/69 11/69
Rach Kien
Klump Willard L HHC


Knudtson Jerry R HHC 69 SP4
Koeneman Tim HHC 11/67 10/68 1LT Commo Plt Leader
Kresconko Ronald J HHC 68 SP4
HHC 1969 SFC
Krukenberg Jacob HHC 69 SP4
Kummert Allen L HHC 68 SP4
Kunts Donald M HHC 68 PFC
Lade David R HHC


Lalone James P HHC 69 SP5 Medic
Lashbrook Michael HHC 10/67 10/68

Latham Willard HHC 9/68 1/69 LTC BN CO – 3rd Brg CO – MG (RET)
Lawhorn Joseph P HHC 68

Layne Richard E HHC 69

Layton John HHC 68 SP4
Lazzell Robert A HHC Mar-68

Lee Lilliard HHC 10/67-10/68 SP4 Jeep Driver
Leffier James M HHC 68 SP5 Medic
Lemonds Freddie R. HHC 12/66-11/67 SP4
Lepus Paul HHC 69 SP5 Pharmacist
HHC 1969 PFC
Lillie Robert A. Jr. HHC-Recon 1967-1968 SP4 Wounded 11/18/67
Littlefield Dennis HHC 69

Lloyd Marvin G HHC 67 PFC
Lofton Elmer C. (Pete) A – E – HHC 1968-1969 SFC Platoon Sgt/Ldr
Lomex Rostags? HHC 68 PFC
Long Dwight HHC 68 2LT
Longoria Manuel W HHC 69

Lopez Michael HHC 67 PFC
HHC 5/68 SP4 Commo Radio Repair
Losada Carlos J HHC 68 SP4
Losey Buddy C HHC 69 SP5
Lothrop Roger G HHC 68 SP4
Love * James T. HHC – Delta 3/68-7/68 SP4 KIA 7/7/1968 Medic
Lowry J. HHC 1968-1969 CPT BN Surgeon
Lozada Carlos J HHC 11/67-11/68 SP4
HHC 1969 SGT
Lucero Joseph B HHC 69 SP5
Luckey * James A. HHC 9/68-1/69 SP4 KIA 1/25/69 Medic
HHC 1969 SP4
Lutz Stephen HHC 1969 1LT XO