Fire Support Base Moore

The Old Reliable
Nov. 27, 1968
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Kill 32 in three days

5-60 night forays paying off

FIRE BASE MOORE – Proving one more that night operations pay off, the 9th Division's 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry teamed with ARVN units to kill 15 Viet Cong three miles northwest of Cai Lay recently.

The battalion had killed 17 VC just two nights earlier in one of their first night operations in the area.  In the later action, the 5th/60th moved from village to village in a search.  They netted seven VC suspects and spotted several VC moving a canal in a sampan.

"We were moving to our blocking position after sealing off the village," recalled First Lieutenant Herschel G. Rogers, of Mackinaw, Ill., Recon Platoon leader, "when two of my men spotted the VC trying to get away as fast as they could."

Three enemy in the sampan were killed and two others walking in a nearby wood line disappeared behind a hut.

ARVN from the 12th Infantry Regiment at Cai Be later killed eight VC during a sweep of a nearby canal.  Companies A and D of the 5th/60th set up blocking positions near the canal to hem in the enemy.

Five VC were killed by the 5th/60th troops in the blocking maneuver.