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Who can join the Association?

If you are a Vietnam era Veteran who was a member of the 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry while mechanized or leg infantry, or a Veteran whose unit was in direct support of the 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry, then you should join the Association as a Battalion Member.

Other Vietnam era Veterans may join the association as an Associate Member.

Family members of (living or deceased) Vietnam era Veterans  who served in the 5th. Battalion, 60th Infantry are encouraged to join as an Associate Member.

World War II Veterans of the 5th. Battalion, 60th. Infantry are also encouraged to join as an Associate Member.

Honorary Members are elected by the Executive Council of the Association.

Corporations who make contributions of $100.00 or more to the Association may become Corporate Members by contacting the Secretary.

To become a member of the 5th. Battalion Association, please fill out one of the forms below.  It's FREE.  There are no dues.  Please fill out each field as fully as possible.  Names, email addresses, home addresses and telephone numbers are for our records.  The forms allow you to choose which information to not display on the Membership page.

  • To join by snail-mail, print out this Mail-in Membership Form and mail it to:


    5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Association
    377 Pebble Beach Drive
    Rio Vista, CA 94571-2140 

  • To join Electronically, fill out the online form below: 

All fields should be completed for our records.
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